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Lexus 2007 Year-End Sales Report

With the release of the December 2007 numbers, it’s now possible to look at Lexus’ 2007 sales figures as a whole, which contain a fair share of surprises. Here’s the numbers, in a handy-dandy chart:

2007 2006 % Change
IS250/350 54,933 54,267 0.9
ES350 82,867 75,987 8.7
GS350 21,314 23,665 -10.2
GS460/450h 2,067 3,725 -44.7
SC430 3,927 5,847 -33.1
LS460/600h L 35,226 19,546 79.6
Total Cars 200,334 183,037 9.1
RX350/400h 103,340 108,348 -4.9
GX470 23,035 25,454 -9.8
LX470 2,468 5,595 -56.0
Total Trucks 128,843 139,397 -7.9
Total Sales 329,177 322,434 1.8

First off, it’s mind-boggling that the ES 350 & the RX 350/400h account for 58% of Lexus’ total 2007 sales. I say this with full knowledge of their popularity, but it’s startling all the same. Another equally perplexing figure is how low the sales are for combined sales of the GS 430/460/450h. 2,067 would seem low even if you were to subtract the GS 450h, but with it in the mix I find it particularly shocking. This is certainly a case of critical acclaim not meaning much in reality. Seriously, how many would have guessed the GS 450h would be outsold by the SC 430?

The LS model certainly found its stride, outselling its 2006 numbers by 79.6%, the highest increase by far, and no doubt entirely attributable to the LS 460/L/600hL release. I’m sure the LX 570 will inject a similar boost into the LX’s numbers next year.

All in all, there was an 1.8% overall increase over 2006, which results in Lexus retaining its position as the best-selling luxury auto brand in America for the eighth consecutive year (BMW was next, with 293,795 total units sold in 2007, with Mercedes coming in third with 253,433).

[Source: Toyota]

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