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Official Specifications for the Lexus GS 460

Lexus has issued a press release with the specs for the new GS 460, and there’s some serious disappointment ahead if you were hoping for similar numbers to the LS 460.

The GS 460 will be getting the LS 460’s 1UR-FSE V8 engine, but detuned from 380hp to 342hp, and if you can believe it, no direct injection. Also carried over from the LS 460 is the eight-speed transmission, the one lone bright spot.

But have hope, my GS hopefuls, there’s a number of mistakes in the press release, which could call the entire thing into question. For instance, the V8 peaks at 6400rpm, yet the maximum engine speed (redline) is 6350, which simply doesn’t add up. Another error is the engine displacement, shown as 4,293cc, which is 4.3L, not 4.6.

Beyond the engine hoopla, there are some other changes coming for both the 2008 GS 350 and GS 460 models:

  • Revised front bumper and lower intake area and front grille with
    chrome-plated surround
  • Color-keyed exterior mirrors with turn signals
  • Ultraviolet and infrared ray-reducing tinted glass for all windows
  • New 17-inch wheel design
  • Two new colors: Golden Almond Metallic & Opaline Pearl
  • Ventilated front seats (GS 460 only)
  • New interior leather color: Light Grey
  • New wood trim selection: Dark Gray Birds-Eye Maple wood trim (with Light Gray interior)
  • Wood trim on door switch plate
  • Revised instrument panel font and appearance, combination meter and revised shift-plate surround with brushed-aluminum trim
  • Most importantly, a relocated fuel lid opener & trunk release

If you’d like to pour over the entire specifications, here’s a PDF link to Lexus’ press release. Remember, it’s quite possible this is a work-in-progress, and may not be entirely correct.

(Note: Image above is a GS 430, not a GS 460.)

[Via: Club Lexus]

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