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Are We Looking at the New Lexus JX?

Edmund’s Straightline Blog has some interesting analysis of the recent 2009 RX spy shots, suggesting that it’s not a RX at all, but an all-new model, the Lexus JX:

What’s a JX 460? It’s yet another luxury sport ute, but unlike the softly sprung RX, the JX will be a performance-oriented crossover along the lines of Infiniti’s FX line. It was previewed as the HPX concept seen above, and judging by the profile of this prototype, the production JX won’t change much from the concept. It will ride on the same platform as the next GS sedan, so it will most likely offer both rear- and all-wheel drive and either a 3.5-liter V6 or 4.6-liter V8.

This would be nothing but idle speculation without proof, but Straightline makes a convincing argument in two ways. First, as mentioned, the JX will be based on the HPX concept, and when you view the concept next to the spy shot, there’s definitely some similarity:

Lexux HPX Concept

Secondly, which could be the clincher, is yet another spy shot, taken by a Straightline editor just this morning, of a camo-clad RX:

Yet Another 2009 Lexus RX Spy Shot

There’s no arguing that this is a RX, though by the looks of it, there’s little difference to the current version. However, this would almost make more sense, as the RX is so successful there’s no real reason for Lexus to mess with it too much.

There’s a serious height drop with those first spy shots, which would suggest a more performance-oriented model, and with planned third row seating for the RX, there doesn’t seem to be enough room in the rear.

Whether true or not, it’s definitely an interesting idea, and one I hope is true. The JX will be a great fit in the Lexus lineup, and the sooner the better.

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