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News on the Upcoming Lexus IS-F & GS 460

A user at Autospies has posted up some information on the new IS-F and GS, taken from the latest issue of Motor Trend:

Lexus IS/IS-F:”…The first offering in the new Lexus F-series of ultra-perfomance cars, expect the IS-f to have 400-425-hp version of the 5.0L V-8 from the LS 600h, eight-speed paddle-shifted automatic, Brembo ABS discs, …”

Lexus GS: “Big changes for the entire GS series, headed by the new GS460 that replaces the GS430 and packs a 342-hp/4.6L V-8. On the Hybrid front, the GS450h adds a positive VDIM/VSC cutoff. All GS models get revised front fascias, wheels, and colors, plus numerous interior trim tweaks including new gauges. The GS460 also boasts heated/ventilated seats.”

They also described and the IS-F as “driver’s choice” and the GS350 as a “best buy”.

There seems to be a fair amount of guesswork here, but if true, the IS-F horsepower number are a bit under expectation. However, in regards to the GS, it seems my suspicions were correct as to why it wasn’t included in Lexus’ announced 2008 prices, a engine bump is fairly significant and was certainly expected. It will be interesting to see the updated look, though I don’t really think it’s the front-end that needed addressing.

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