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Motor Trend: Long-Term Lexus LS 460 Update

Motor Trend staff have been driving their LS 460 for three months now, which makes it time for a seasonal update:

“The first time I tried it [parallel parking], it worked perfectly. Since then, however, I’ve tried it twice more, and it’s either scared me or just refused to work at all. Undoubtedly, I need to learn more about the system.”

As [Tech Editor] Reynolds discovers, though, the LS at least drives like a dream. “After journeying to Phoenix and back, I have to say that this is one fantastic machine for long-distance driving. My mileage for the round trip was 25 mpg, and the range is simply extraordinary-it appears to be about 530 miles on the highway.”

No cost for their 5000 mile service, but a cracked windshield ending up costing the magazine $2268.22 to replace (!!!) — rain-sensitive glass doesn’t come cheap.

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