LS600h & LS600hL Hybrid Sedans Released in Japan

Lexus has released their ultra-mega hybrid LS600h & LS600hL sedans in Japan, and The Winding Road was good enough to share some photos and a host of exceptional numbers:

Wantanabe Introduces the Lexus LS600h & LS600hL
  • The Japanese cost of the base model LS600h is ¥9.7 million, or $80,000USD, with the extended wheelbase LS600hL retailing for up to ¥15.1 million, or $125,000USD.
  • The LS600h rates at 28.7 MPG, compared to the 21.4 MPG of the non-hybrid LS460.
  • The hybrid engine cranks out a combined 445 BHP(!)

Pretty amazing figures, but what else could be expected from the most expensive production car ever made in Japan?

[Source: The Winding Road]