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Lexus Denies Rumor of LC F Debut at Tokyo Motor Show


In an email to The Drive , Lexus has denied rumours of a high-performance LC F coupe debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show :

“We’ve been reading stories about an LC F supposedly debuting in Tokyo as well, and I can tell you that it is not true,” the Lexus spokesperson said over email.

So unless this reported LC F is coming to another auto show, it appears that a proper F-model LC coupe is not on the way—at least if Lexus is to be believed.

While a direct denial straight from Lexus shuts this Tokyo rumor down hard, I have to think this is more about timing than an outright dismissal of the LC F. Lexus will release a high-performance version of the Lexus flagship coupe eventually — it’s an absolute necessity for the F brand. Besides, the name’s already been trademarked .

(As mentioned in our original coverage of this story , Lexus has traditionally favored the Detroit Auto Show for this type of high-performance reveal.)