More Images of the Lexus RC F in New Orange

Lexus RC F in Orange

Lexus Singapore has posted two renderings of the RC F in the New Orange exterior color — here’s one in a higher resolution than the image above:

Lexus RC F in Orange Rear

(After my post about the color last week, I received emails from a couple sources letting me know the RC F Orange will be a few shades lighter than the IS F CCS-R, and not the same color.)



    Reminds me of the 1st gen IS300 that came in the burnt orange colour. What a wonderful colour it was.. glad to see something different.

  • OlFius

    if I could, and would buy an RC F, then is this my second color option, after black.

  • sebisab93

    So hot. The best looking colour on this car.

  • Mike DeLorca

    Beautiful color… a Rusty Orange Brown…..looks amazing on this vehicle.

  • sebisab93

    But it looks fake. Look at the rear end on the right. There’s some blue like on the air inlet on the tires. I doubt that this is an official picture.

    • Max Bullo

      You’re right, that’s just a render. And in this way looks much more copper red rather than orange CCS-R, it actually remind in me of the 007 Lotus Esprit Turbo from the movie “For Your Eyes Only”.

  • DillonD

    Looks really good! But I still want a black or grey one :)

  • jezze

    ultra white, f-sport blue (as i call it), black and then this