Lexus Compact Crossover Development Mule Spotted!

Lexus CT NX Mule

A strange looking Lexus has been spotted by Autoweek Netherlands — looking like a lifted CT, it’s likely a test development mule for the much rumored compact crossover:

Lexus CT NX Mule

Lexus CT NX Mule

Lexus CT NX Mule

Believed to have the NX nameplate, this new Lexus compact crossover is expected to be shown in concept form at the Tokyo Motor Show this year before it debuts as a production model at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

See more photos of the Lexus NX Development Mule


  • WorldofLuxury

    He will NX the market segment! (;

  • mark

    Finally we see the crossover

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    In that get up, probably just checking the state of tune on the new turbo-4. See where it stacks up in power/performance vs the competition…..

  • PG

    Interesting to see that they seem to benchmark not only Audi’s Q3, but also non-premium offerings such as the Skoda Yeti and Nissan Qashqai.
    Obviously a couple of spy shots from one single testing session is not much to judge by, but still I’m wondering if the BMW X1 and the Range Rover Evoque wouldn’t be better benchmarks…

  • corradoMR2

    Hoping it’s not based on the CT platform, but on the larger RAV4’s.

  • jezze

    make it a better or not a hybrid or a faster hybrid

    • F1orce

      Make it better than what?

  • F1orce


    Sounds about right..

  • Joe

    This just doesn’t make any sense: the so called ‘NX’ should come to market next year. With that timing in mind, spypics should be about a camouflaged pre-production, not an early stage ‘mule’. And it also seams perfectly logic that the ‘NX’ will be build on RAV4 basis. This means either the development of another, yet smaller SUV in the Lexus range (I highly doubt it) or – and this is what I think it is – a future small SUV for the Toyota range. The use of a CT body can be an easy trick to create confusion.

    • Erich Kerner

      makes absolutly sence to me what you are say. If this is REALLY the compact SUV we talk about since 2 years or more – it will be a small small crossover. Even for us here in Europe!! :-)

    • F1orce

      Lexus is in no rush for a new SUV.

      The RX is doing great!

  • Mark Z

    Can the two and a merely half inches longer wheelbase of a RAV4 fit into this mull?

    It’s great that they also put it into the benchmarking with an Evoque in the former spy shots.

  • Lasse J. Nordvil

    Toyota is apparently working on a small cross over coupé. Perhaps that’s what this is? Would explain the use of a CT “disguise” with it’s wheelbase shorter than the RAV4.

  • FooFoo

    The next spied shot will come with the new metal sheet. I guess.

    • Carmaker1

      Likely within 3-6+ months, as I pattern this after the 4GS(Oct. 2010 mule, May 2011 FD prototype) and 3IS(Oct. 2010[rejected design] & Apr. 2012 mule, Aug. 2012 FD prototype).

  • Мохамед Ибрагимов

    sorry guys

    this is the RAV-4 Coupe , not the NX

    the NX is the same size of the new RAV-4

    at it’s already done

    this is the NX

    • Jake

      That was the 2013 RAV4.

      • Carmaker1

        There’s no concrete proof of that.

      • Jake

        There’s no concrete proof of being the NX either. They could both be mules on different platforms testdriving.

      • Carmaker1

        Precisely, as it has gotten more confusing with this CTh mule. I don’t expect Lexus to make two different models, but something wasn’t right with that black RAV4 that appeared to be a mule(a component test vehicle) instead of an IEX prototype(fully integrated test vehicle). It looked way too messy, as even this CTh mule is tidier looking than it.

    • Carmaker1

      Who knows what it is really, but it easily could be related to the NX and a new trademark yet to be revealed. LX470 test mules were testing before Lexus filed trademarks for it in 1997.

  • DillonD

    I really think that mystery RAV4 looking crossover that was posted earlier was the NX mule (Let’s just say Lexus is officially calling the small crossover the NX). They probably tested it with the RAV4 so they put to production soon after the RAV4. I think that is why the only difference seen on it is are the side mirrors. This may be something different. It may not be a new model but the CT is way too small to test a small crossover. They would have used an RX if they wanted to test with a Lexus model.

  • Crux

    Is this a joke. Beefed up CT. Wtf Lexus?!? Y’all need to convince me that this actually LOOKs decent and that it will grow on me. Nah…. this needs to get more design work imho