More Lexus RX F Sport Rumors

Lexus RX F Sport

Backing up previous rumors out of Australia & Japan, Taiwanese website Autonet is reporting that Lexus plans to release a RX F Sport package this year.

According to Autonet, the RX F Sport would be fitted with a sports suspension (likely based on its existing Sports Package), a mesh grille, 19″ wheels, and a new body kit — or in other words, all the standard Lexus F Sport upgrades.

Should this rumor be true — and at this point, I’m inclined to think it is — a RX F Sport would not only add a new dimension to the Lexus’ best selling vehicle, but would also be another strong signal of the brand’s dedication to its performance reinvention.

(Personally, I like the idea. Balancing out the utility & popularity of the RX with the styling & performance upgrades of a F Sport package makes for an interesting combination, and one that may ultimately draw a different kind of customer to the SUV — I know I’m certainly paying attention.)

[Source: Autonet]


  • WorldofLuxury

    There should be two types! One for off road and one for on road!

    • Wjaamod

      Mine is two types! I off road when I need to!

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    The performance SUV market is a small niche, to say the least.  (Look at Infiniti FX and BMW X6 sales).

    Lexus should continue spending their time leading, not following……

    • krew

      Crux is right — performance SUVs may be a niche product, but this isn’t a new vehicle, it’s a performance upgrade for the best-selling luxury crossover on the market. 

      Completely different beasts.

  • joshd

    I’m interested.  I wish there was an F version with some engine improvements to gain some HP.  I wonder when they would release it?  What are the next big auto shows?  I hope they don’t wait till NY, that’s too long! 

    • krew

      1. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any engine improvements.

      2. Geneva in March.


  • Crux

    Your analysis may be true for other manufac. However, I believe Lexus has a larger base of ‘niche’ customers worldwide for the RX. X6 & FX combined probably don’t come near RX annual sales #justsaying. Any way, this will add even more customers to look at the RX. For Lexus owners adding a F Sports option might just be that one thing that convinces them. We’ve been dying for the ‘one thing’ and F Sports is that bridge I think. Making progress, I love it!

    Camry. I asked some coworkers why a SE when you can get the same kit on regular Camrys? Simple answer from Toyota owners “Its just cooler!”. 

    You can’t analyze cool. 

    • krew

      “You can’t analyze cool.”

      Truer words have never been spoken. 

  • Mike DeLorca

    Why not?   I am a believer that anything extra added to the BEST selling vehicle for LEXUS then let’s try it. If it adds just a few hundred to total number is that much more to numbers.

  • Ggoldenhawk

    I work for Lexus. It will be RX-F sport (Hybrid Version), so RX350h F Sport .

    • Jake

      I believe you wanted to say RX450h F Sport since there’s not RX350h. F Sport is coming for both RX350 and RX450h, right?

    • Altezza

       I work for Lexus also (In Europe). You will see the F-Sport version of the RX in Geneve this year.
      I saw it two weeks ago, looks great (Spindle grill, new trim, etc.).

      • Jake

        That’s cool!

        Do we have any more news coming from Lexus for the Geneva Auto Show?

      • Altezza

        If I am correct facelift RX (with F-Sport version)…

      • Jake


        I was expecting something like new IS/ES/LS, but I guess they will prepare it for an American Auto Show.

  • Joshd

    For those of you who work for Lexus, any ideas in how they are going to build them. Can I get f sport and the luxury Package. Please tell me they didn’t add aluminum dash in favore of wood.

    • krew

      I don’t work for Lexus, but I imagine that an RX F Sport would follow the same pattern as the CT & GS F Sport packages, which means aluminum.

      The good news is that it looks great.

  • Lam Ho

    I love that idea…..But I just bought myself a RX450h.  Can I get the parts of the F-Sport and add it to my RXh?

    • Jake

      I think you can add that aftermarket.

    • krew

      It’s tough to say right now, as the RX F Sport isn’t even confirmed yet — you might be able to get an appearance package upgrade.

  • HR

    THe IS looks pretty good with the F-sports

  • Anonymous

    So to all you Lexus fans: I’ve never heard of any new engine development coming from Lexus.  I’d like to see an RX-F, or a GS-F, etc etc, but Lexus doesn’t have the engine!  My understanding is that the 2UR-GSE is out because it won’t meet CAFE numbers.

    An RX-F or GS-F may not have the sales numbers, but they are cool, and as one poster above said:

    “You can’t analyze cool.”

  • krew

    I suppose it could happen one day, but it seems like an awkward fit to me — though I suppose it all depends on what the new ES looks like.