Lexus Project GS by Five Axis Photo Gallery

Project GS F Sport from Five Axis

I’m still trying to go through the hundreds of photos that I took over the last couple days at SEMA, but lucky for us, Lexus has released some super-excellent pics of the Five Axis Project GS:

The Project GS is the GS F Sport taken to the next logical level, and by staying relatively true to the production model, Troy Sumitomo & the gang at Five Axis did something special with the Project GS — they’ve created a show car that any fourth-gen GS owner can take inspiration from when customizing their own car (though it remains to be seen if any body kit manufacturer will be able to match the “from the factory” look that the Project GS has).


  • Yong Thian Ding

    Very good looking !

  • Tremendusky

    Amazing looking and clean.  Fix Axis should seriously consider selling at a minimum the from bumbper and side skirts to future GS oweners.  Better yet, Lexus should offer this kit on its catalogue like the official Lexus lip kit for the 06-08 IS. 

  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    Five Axis really has outdone themselves with this stunner! I suggest Lexus sign a deal with them as design consultants.

  • WorldofLuxury

    Nice! Unmatched by any other tuners!

  • resume writing

    amazing car!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    The response from Lexus officials seems very positive, and maybe the GSF can match this level of aggression and appeal.  Lexus is impressed.

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Plenty of great downloads!

    Dig the sky in the background…….

  • Raptor

    Pretty frickin sweet…  Nice job!

  • Travis


    I really love the white paint finish is it factory paint ?

  • BOSS

    What are those gauges at the arm rest for?

  • Prep2LEXICON

    Love it!! Still like the concept of the GSF better though. It is little more understated but still a mind blower. One thing I would change with this design is a matte white paint to follow through on the 5axis ISF

  • emptystreets130

    You’ll never know. Five Axis has been making some stuff for Toyota/Scion that do go into production as an aftermarket kit.

  • Mike DeLorca

     I am impressed—–this is what the full blown GS-F Beast should look like—-the white is so outstanding with the added sport accent.  Beautiful !

  • Lexustechsa

    They are for the Air runner suspention

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE the FixeAxis GS! 

    Do you have these available in wallpaper size krew? (2650×1440). :)

  • Thomas

    Awful! Ugly! Does not have the Lexus-vibe at all. Fail!

  • dissertation service

    Man thats so cool!)

  • enthusiast

    haven’t been a huge fan of their previous efforts (too contrived for me) BUT this thing is awsome! Beautifuly done and artfully executed. I agree this should be the next GS-F.

  • krew

    Really? The previous Project GS might be my favorite project car of all time.

  • Jvxdriver

    Haha, that photo scenery is so familiar. It just outside downtown LA.

  • job for writers

    This car amazing!

  • Willie B Hood Jr

    This car is really sick!! WOW the front end is awesome!!!