Lexus CT 200h Commercials

Let’s start Lexus CT 200h launch week with brand new commercials from Lexus USA:

There’s still one commercial to be released, but these commercials are a great start — really looking forward to seeing how the CT 200h does in the USA.

Update: These videos have been taken down temporarily by Lexus.

Update 2: The videos are now back on Youtube, though one of them is now in Spanish.

[Via: Ad Rants]


  • Jesus built my Lexus

    This car will do well for Lexus

    It gets better fuel efficiency that the Fiat 500

    Lexus is in a good position for when fuel prices sky rocket again (soon)

  • Josh

    I dont really like the commercials. they are missing the class and thought provoking messages that are usually in Lexus commercials, however, I guess they are trying to target the Y generation.

    I also notice that they dont want to call it the CT200h in the commercials and call it the CT hybrid…maybe 200h is too embarrassing, hinting at the prius powertrain.

  • WorldofLuxury

    ahhaha Cute and aggressive! I like it!

  • James

    Glad to see some USA commercials for the CTh. But the last two videos have been removed from Youtube.

  • Nataraj

    “This video has been removed by user” …:-(

  • krew

    Nataraj wrote:“This video has been removed by user” …:-(

    Looks like they weren’t supposed to be released yet. *oops* :`-(

  • Nataraj


    Well I managed to see the first one … it was pretty cool. Not the traditional “lexus like” that im used to seeing…

  • krew

    Ok, the commercials are now back up on Youtube, though one of them is now in Spanish.

  • Josh

    the CT is now active on and if you go to you can see the above videos

  • emptystreets130


    I think they called it a CT Hybrid in the commerical has something to do with a post I read awhile back about the powertrain and how the engineers wants to add a bigger more powerful, yet lighter, high capacity battery. This could be a start to a more powerful CT in the near future.

  • Jay

    Very Scion-like commercials. Reminds me of the first tC and xB ads. I like them a lot though, Lexus is trying to hit a younger demographic with this car and the commercials are less luxury and more sporty and playful. Also agree with the above comment, Lexus could not have picked a better time to release the CT seeing that gas prices are over $4 per gallon and will likely hit $5 here in Southern California.

    • krew

      Gas is brutal up here in Canada as well — looks like a great time for the CT to be launching.

  • Travis

    I love how the CT looks in the Spanish ad. Also am i seeing two different kinds of headlights on the ct ??

    • krew

      Not sure if this is what you mean, but in the States, it’s possible to get upgrade to LED daytime running lights.