Lexus New Jersey F-Sport Event Next Week

Lexus LFA Engine Cover

A couple weeks back, Lexus USA announced an April 29th F-Sport event at the New Jersey Motor Park, and today, I’m happy to say I will be attending.

I didn’t want to miss my chance at a hot-lap in the LFA with Scott Pruett, so I’ll be making the eight-hour drive down to New Jersey in an IS 250 F-Sport on loan from Lexus Canada. I’m planning to be there for the entire event, from 12pm-6pm, and am really hoping to meet some TLE readers throughout the day.

More details on that later, but I wanted to mention that there’s still some spots open for the event—so if you’re interested in bombing around the NJ track in an assortment of Lexus models and be eligible to win a hot-lap in the LFA, be sure to book your place quick.

Full details are on the event page—see you there!



  1. IS250 F-Sport, huh? Lexus really knows how to hook you up!

  2. I’ll be there at 2pm session, I’ll be wearing my technician shirt, with MARC on it and a blue LEXUS hat….be sure to say HI if you see me!!!



  3. @Marc Berger: Hey Marc, sounds like a plan. I’ll be posting a photo as well—as soon as I can find one I like. gasp

  4. Handbuilt by Lexus LFA Works” <—Love that

  5. Krew - Just to let you know, i love this site and visit it just about everyday for an update of the Lexus world. Keep up the good work.

    That said, it seems you and Lexus Canada are best buddies with aLl the loan cars you seem to get from the them. However, would have been better travelling to the F-Series Event in a IS350 F-Sport.

    On a final note, us Aussies are finally (about time) getting the IS350 downunder but not until sometime in the second half of the year .... YEEEAAAH HAAAA !!

  6. @Shane T: Heck, even better would have been the LFA itself. smile

    Are you thinking about getting an IS 350?

  7. I would love to get an IS350 but unfortunately my pennies (money) doesn’t allow me to stretch that far. Regardless, it is good to see Lexus Australia slowly but surely improving on it’s selection which incomparison to the North American market is tame. 

    Not so long ago only the IS250 sedan was avaliable in Oz but now that has extended to include the convertible, IS-F, F-Sport option and soon the IS350. Apparently we won’t be recieving the IS350 convertible though.

    Other changes i would like to see from Lexus Australia is replace the GS300 with the GS350 and introduce F-Sport to our local GS range. The LS460 sold in Oz has the F-Sport option so that is a welcomed addition. 

    As you can see, i am a big fan of ‘F-Sport’ which should not only prove popular but a good image booster for Lexus aswell.

    Be sure to post some pictures from the event.

    Cheers :

    A Regular Reader From Australia

  8. Hi krew,  I’d love to hitch a ride with you and go for the event.  I posted a thread on the Canada forum of ClubLexus asking if anyone wanted to carpool down there In my GS400 as I wasn’t too keen on driving by myself for 8+ hours. My SN on ClubLexus is Hameed I’ve been on there since 2002. 

    Since you’re heading down in a car provided by Lexus Canada I’d love to join you and can share the driving chores with you.  Let me know please. Thx

  9. @Hameed—I’ll actually be gone for the full week and will be visiting friends on the way back, so unfortunately, carpooling isn’t something I’ll be able to do.

    Sorry about that—hope you can make it!