Lexus RX Superbowl Commercial

I’m late to the party on this Lexus RX commercial that debuted at this year’s Superbowl:

I’ve been driving an RX 450h for the better part of three months, and I have to admit, this commercial captures much of what my final review will focus on. The RX’s best feature is how well it fits into everyday life.

(Thanks Dan!)



  1. Well… I guess the RX is more important than showing off the F-lineup and F-accessories. Great, straightforward commercial though. I’m not trying to be a sexist, but using a guy was the best choice.

  2. love it!

    Apple Magic Mouse as well!

  3. Wow ! New Lexus RX Is Stunt !

  4. @Stan:

    +1 from lexus for using a mac! lol
    I really liked his commercial because it shows how simple and elegant the car is.  Krew do you still have the RX?  on the luxury package (at least in the states) it says the sun roof has a sun screen?  Can you describe that?  Is it similar on my 04 ES power rear sunshade but for the sunroof?  Does the sunroof need to be open in order to use it?

  5. @Joshd:

    hey josh, that sliding sunshade is just what every other car has, which is the sliding cloth cover that every sunroof has…

  6. Yes, they used the Magic Mouse as an allegory to Remote Touch, but when it came time to compare the Navigation System to a cellphone GPS map, they used a Blackberry wink

    They’ve been advertising the RX’s ergonomic design quite a bit, I heard a radio add about the button placement last month.

  7. Joshd:@Stan:

    I really liked his commercial because it shows how simple and elegant the car is.  

    My thoughts exactly!:-)

  8. love those lights on the sidemirrors
    that light up our IS as well smile

  9. Lexus RX270 is to be released in China.
    Use Google translator to read.

  10. @Foo Foo: These pictures of the cars in China… I highly doubt that the blurred background had anything to do with the privacy of bystanders but rather the privacy of the location of the spy shots. aha

    Thanks for the link, Foo Foo.