Lexus LF-Ch @ The Toronto Auto Show

Lexus LF-Ch at the Toronto Auto Show

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I had an unexpected surprise today while attending the Toronto Auto Show today—turns out the LF-Ch concept was set to receive its Canadian debut, which meant I had a chance to take some interior photos like this:

Lexus LF-Ch Start Button

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The concept’s interior is handmade and essentially left untouched to prevent wear & tear. I could not believe the craftsmanship, just amazing.

More details and photos tomorrow.



  1. big_teaser_lexus_ct_200h.jpg

  2. @Clode: Whoa…
    I’m okay with lights with dimensions, but it’s kinda unnecessary for them to bulge out even around the edges. Overall, that looks pretty nice.

    And about the LF-Ch: yeah… aside from the wear, it’s got the bespoke craftsmanship that we’ll never see on a Lexus mass production vehicle any time soon.
    It would be nice to drive around in that car for one day. Heck, I would buy that body from Lexus and place it on the production car’s chassis.

  3. @Clode: hey clode…....where did you get the picz?
    i thought the CT was going to look more like the RX…..
    but this lookz AWSOME!!

  4. This is AWSOME !!

    CT200h ! Great job Lexus !
    photo source :

  5. I’m very excited about the CT,including the hints my local Lexus dealer droped about the price tag.

  6. yes it´s true. The CT 200h production model will have it´s world premiere in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Customers in Europe are getting there newsletters from Lexus these days to tell them this story.