Lexus LFA Instrument Panel Video

There were some quick shots of the Lexus LFA’s instrument panel in the official press video, but this autoshow simulator footage shows just how amazing the supercar’s display really is:

With the moving chrome ring, there’s a real mechanical feel to the interface, making it look even more like it’s from the future—absolutely beautiful shutdown sequence as well.




  2. I can’t believe Lexus got this right. Like how I’ve said this many times before, I love how they kept the actual, physical rings in the LFA and the new LS hybrid. And wow… how the ring actually moves. That makes me happy. smile

  3. AWESOME!btw Krew, just to give u a heads up, Lexus has published official press pics for the 2010 LSh with all the revisions stuff on their press site.

  4. oh my God that is amazing…wow!

  5. anyone else notice it’s called Lexus FL-A?

  6. lol
    Now I do. But notice how the person who made the video might have been Japanese. Either it was a typo, or he actually meant to type that on accident because of poor pronunciation interpretation.

    Heck, there were a LOT of spelling errors on the LFA brochure, and how do I know that it’s not just some sort of British spelling? Well, the brochure would spell some words correct at one time and incorrect at another.

  7. The engine is so responsive! I like how there is a second needle that shows you how high of an rpm you went.

  8. What makes me happy is the idea we may see something similar in the rest of the Lexus lineup one day. Love the moving ring.

  9. Nobody does instrument displays better than Lexus with their Optitron technology. The TFT displays in the new LSh & LFA are the next evolution in Optitron, but this is truly mind blowing & justifies the LFA’s exotic price. It makes every other supercar gauges look positively stone-age.

    By the way the tach needle can move from 0 to 9000 rpm in 0.6 seconds…just think about that figure for a moment…..FRIGGIN’ INSANE !!!
    This isn’t a car, it’s a U.R.O - Unidentified Racing Object.

    Sadly just after launching one of the greatest supercars on Earth, Toyota pulls out of Formula 1.

  10. They finally pulled out… the money they wasted could’ve gone to given each of us a free LFA!

  11. What a dash OMG its worth the money on its own !!!!

  12. I’ll take mine in Passionate Pink!... HA, HA Just Kidding.
    Maybe they should’ve spent their F1 budget on a $200K V12 LS and a CL style coupe off the same platform…Yowza !