White Lexus LF-A on Nürburgring Video

Here’s another quick video of the Lexus LFA—this time taken on the track at Nürburgring and more importantly, completely undisguised:

Here’s a quick screenshot of the full front-end:

Lexus LFA Undisguised

It’s impossible to make any real judgment from a 16 second video, except when it comes to the sound. What a roar! SAVAGE!

(Thanks WorldofLuxury!)



  1. You’re welcome!

  2. count down (25 days to go)

    41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009

    from October 23rd to November 4th.

  3. WoL i cant thnk u enuf for finding this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks pure killa

  4. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    if you were a girl, i’d find you and give you the best day of your life…nothing dirty intended there wink

  5. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    the more i look, the more Lamborghini there is in the design, and i really think its a good thing. I hope this car is as wide as a Lambo, and as low because low, wide, supercars always catch attention.

  6. Hahha. smile

    the LFA look sick!!! Can’t wait until they debut it. Now why cant they Design all their cars stunning lik this?

  7. I’m afraid it’s only as wide as a Gallardo, 911, and R8 - not the Murcielago or Ford GT. It’s a tiny little thing just as how the new Aston Martin Rapide is also very tiny, height-,width-, and length-wise.

    I wish it were big too. I’m an American, and I think BIGGER is ALWAYS BETTER!

    Oh yeah… and the Bugatti Veyron - SMALL, but the proportion of the powertrain to the entire car volume is immense!

  8. 2 LEXUSaddict :
    Yeah, guess you’re gonna drive her fast & hard wink

  9. The LF-A is likely to be around the same size as a Veyron which itself is surprisingly small considering it belongs in the large supercar class with the Murcielago etc. It’ll be wide for grip benefits but no longer than needed to distribute weight ideally within the wheelbase.

  10. It brings back memories of the last Supra in terms of looks.

  11. To LEXUS BOY:

    Sarcasm aside, I’d still like to be referred to as a guy.

    Thank you,

    Btw, whoever purchases the LFA and does not treat it like he/she should (hint: It’s not a cute, little pony.), I’m gonna hunt him down, take his car, and make him keep paying the insurance! LOL
    AND I’LL be the one showing someone a good time - not my passenger, but the car, which I’ll name KITT for good times’ sake.

  12. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    bah that’s wide enough for me. not that im fat but lol its good.

  13. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    just a random survey, not to offend anyone.
    if u guys could, please state your

    ex: i would be, male, 15.9

    u dont have to if u dont want to, and sorry if i invade anybody’s privacy.

  14. Let’s keep it PG, boys.

    Hey WoL—maybe this is why everyone’s confused?

    Haha. wink

  15. It’s hard to believe these supercars are so small—I’ll do a size comparison once we get some LFA specs in October.

  16. LOL! Is that why you guys have been so nice to me? raspberry ‘cause wow… she’s perty. So is she the one that has prevented me from keeping my signature name on some other websites?

    Seriously, though. Is there anyone on here who actually thought I was her?

  17. goood

  18. 15.9? GOOD FOR YOU! lol jkjkjk

    I’ll just leave my profile as male who goes by “WorldofLuxury”, aka WoL, or Wally! Maybe not Wallie or Wall-E, for that matter.

    Btw, when you get your license, don’t fool around on public roads. Hurting another person not only hurts you financially but also emotionally - a very awkward feeling, and of course, you don’t want to be labeled as the guy showing off but made a fool out of himself.

    I realize you wanna have some fun. So did I, but I just kept in mind that professional drivers mess up a lot themselves, and the areas where they perform stunts are usually well secured and nearby pedestrians must be on full alert. A good example of what could’ve been very bad is that Ken Block video of him on the salt flats and hitting another guy on the head with his car (could have been deadly).

    If you must, remember the following:
    - don’t get distracted
    - keep your foot light on the gas (also an easy way to have fun with the traction control there to save you)
      - light foot lets an average engine react more quickly when you wanna back off because of traction loss
      - light foot allows smooth power delivery
      - light foot lets the car come to a stop more easily
      - light foot lets you proceed when you regain control
    - remember that street tires and street suspensions are very bouncy and can become a hazard to what might be a clean drift.
    - remember that a Lexus steering is not meant for quick, accurate response but rather smooth driving (on the new LS, the steering response increases only when obstacles are detected <—proof that Lexus steering is intentionally not for sport driving)

    There’s lots more - all very common sense. Trust me. I’m probably more reckless than you are but “controlled” at the same time. I know my Lexus vehicles very well, but they’re still very unpredictable at times, even on the same old roads. BESIDES, once you have all your fun, driving becomes way too boring. Ironic, isn’t it?

  19. Drive safely! <small>I passed on the second try, and so did Richard Hammond from Top Gear.</small> I had a bad driving teacher who purposely confused me, so I would have to hire him again for lessons. I mean… don’t swivel your head too much - that’s weird, and it looks like you’re not focusing on the road ahead of you. Remember the hand signs for left, right, and brake/stop. You’re probably gonna get a point marked off so the tester doesn’t look like she wasn’t doing her job… also, you’re life probably doesn’t rely on cars as much as adults, so the DMV is likely gonna fail you if you’re not perfect.


  20. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    you must share the same speech memory as my dad…lol yeah i know i’ve driven my mom’s IS a few times. i’m a one handed left driver and apparently im very good wink

  21. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    naw im just nice to you cause you’re WoL.
    and you’re just gonna buy me an orange LFA cause im LEXUSaddict…
    but soon, ill be putting my name up for auction because i will soon be LFAaddict.

  22. LOL I see.

  23. 2 LEXUSaddict :
    The LF-A is feminine & you’re masculine or at least I think so. HA, HA, just kidding.
    Too bad Krew doesn’t cut us much slack, but he’s the boss. Anyway do any of you guys read the comments at http://www.leftlanenews.com/ ? Hilarious !

  24. Sex : Male
    Age : 32 yrs

  25. aha
    Stopped visiting LeftLaneNews after their redesign… awfully slow and glitchy and just plain annoying. Well, it’s better now, but I prefer AutoSpies for excitement and AutoBlog for clarity. EGMCarTech… meh…