Next-Gen Lexus SC Photochop

With the release of the 2010 Lexus SC 430, we’ve likely seen the end of the second generation Sports Coupe—so what’s next? Could it look something like this?

2011 Third Gen Lexus SC

Found in a thread on Club Lexus, this unsourced Photochop shows the potential of the third-generation SC. Sure, there’s some awkward creases in the hood & side profile, and the overall look strays too close to Jaguar, but the rendering’s front-end is a very successful merging of the first & second generation SC designs. I also like the larger size and the LF-A-inspired front lights.

I’m not usually impressed by photochops, but this has all the right elements. Lexus could do worse than follow some of this rendering’s design cues.

[Source: Club Lexus]



  1. Omg that would be my next car!! (once it’s designed to look more “Lexus”). The sc is the perfect car to go after the 6 series, and to some extent the CL. This coupe with a convertible option and am F variant would be great, especially along side a GS coupe. The Next GS family can take on more of the E class (sedan, coupe, and -F) while the SC can go after the 6 series (coupe, convert, -F)

  2. Looks good. Yes, it does look like Jaguar though. They do say the 3SC will be soft-top.

  3. You’ve posted Andrei Avarvarii’s photochopped GS before, but I LOVE his LF-A inspired SC:

  4. Good photoshop, but I still want to see more…

    This vehicle just doesn’t give people that big gasp and “wow”. The next generation SC should also bring out a uniquely Lexus design that can really leave people speechless.

  5. Is that a fixed head coupe or a folding hardtop ? If it’s the former I’m definitely going to buy it. Hope the SC will finally go back to being a large coupe.

  6. If the next SC becomes a coupe, then its unlikely there will be a GS coupe as both models will fall roughly in the same size & price range. Remember the 6-series is actually the 2-door version of the 5-series, so if the SC is to compete with the 6-series then there isn’t room for a GS coupe.
    Would also like to say, Mercedes-Benz CL-class ROCKS ! !
    If it wasn’t for Lexus that would be my Dream Car !

  7. Just noticed that the rendering shows a folding hardtop.

  8. wow

    i love it

  9. does anybody know what the japanese text means? it´s something about the next SC with the powertrain from the GS 450h?!? Right? Help!

    ok Lexus! Nice car you can show it to us at Detroit next january.

  10. Yes, I think it says that the next-gen SC would feature the GSh powertrain, but I doubt it’s based on anything factual. It would be a nice pairing, though.

  11. I just can’t believe the SC would go to a soft-top when the less-expensive IS gets a hard-top (plus all the hard-top technology in the IS-C needs to be spread throughout the lineup).

  12. donno

    @ first i thought i like it

    but now i have a lot of concern about the design above

    1-why to take the jag. front if you have the LFA
    2-the sheet metal not so straight as todays model which i love it
    3-the back as if it is a back of toyota MR-2
    4-it must be a real 2+2 coupe which is not based on that rendering
    5-what the hell (another hardtop )
    no way we need even a real coupe or a real caprio with soft top other ‘ll be a failure

  13. i seriously doubt the SC will go soft. this looks too much like an XFR to me but its just a photochop. and just to let u guys know, i was deprived of my laptop so it could have some microsoft office stuff installed.

  14. The least they can do is to move the SC up to the LS platform.

  15. and just why does it say GS450h in the writing on the side of the car?

  16. Aston Martin?!

  17. looks more like the jaguar XK

  18. I hope the next generation SC(or whatever replaces it) will be available in both coupe and convertible. Like the Jaguar XK coupe and XK convertible.