More 2010 Lexus GX 460 Photos

Looks like today’s the day for next-gen Lexus GX photos—the Toyota4Arab forums has a closer look at the front & rear of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, which is how the GX is sold in Europe:

2010 Lexus Prado Rear

2010 Lexus Prado Front

The rear lights are much more chunky than the current model, but the bigger story is the revised rear door, which is no longer a swing-gate. Instead it looks to be a two-piece, like the LX 570, with the glass liftgate and a bottom tailgate. Much more functional. Also similar to the LX 570 is the front headlights, though I would expect a different light configuration (hopefully bi-xenons).

All in all, I’m pretty impressed. This redesign takes all the design cues from the current generation and cleans them up with modern lines. Additionally, the increased slant of the windshield and the wider stance bring a much needed sharpness.

In fact, the only elements that I don’t care for, namely the front grille, the front bumper design and the handlebar moustache rear chrome, will likely be completely different on the Lexus version.

Can’t wait to see the interior…

[Source: Toyota4Arab via Club Lexus]



  1. ehh until I see the real deal version.

  2. basically the taillight just removed a red “block” so its half/half now. the front is good, the only dissapointment is no more little white lights next to the rear license. i give it an 8/10

  3. oh and this is in iran, because the writing on the glass is persian numbers

  4. Jarrett Henshaw

    I think it will look different because and take more of the l-finesse design. I also think they will sell this vehicle in Japan and will have to have a different look then the Prada because they sell taht thing their too. I still like this thouhg

  5. Unless they have a unique way of pulling down the bottom tailgate, I think the rear consists of an entire liftgate, and it’s quite evident that it’s a liftgate considering how most of the glass is blacked out.

    Additionally, from the look of the lights and from the reports Lexus dealers have shared, I am afraid that the GX will have very similar headlights… they’re too LX.

  6. Look at the differences b/w the LX570 & Land Cruiser & then we can get an idea of how the GX460 will look. Though expect the dash & door panels of the Toyota to be retained for the Lexus version too (for cost reasons).
    The blocky taillights don’t look too hot, but it’ll be different in the Lexus version. Headlights are fine (better than LX), the front bumper cladding is a popular accessory in M-E markets & won’t be fitted to the GX.
    Unfortunately Bi-xenons are unlikely to be available in the US (same lame excuse as for the LX). Oddly enough the M-E version of the Land Cruiser does come with optional Xenon headlights.
    Dying to see the interior…

  7. we will never see the GX on the JDM! this SUV is still “LC” based. And Lexus will no longer sells vehicles based on Toyota models in Japan! same for go for the JDM.

  8. The reversing lights are now integrated with the tail-lights.

  9. The larger, integrated tail lights should improve visibility for backing up, nice upgrade.

  10. I think the differences will be minor but necessary, a touch more chrome, different light housings, a better grille. Can’t wait for the Lexus version.

  11. Hard to tell just how the rear door is going to work—looks to me like there’s a little lift “hook” at the bottom center of the glass, which is why I thought it would separate into two parts. Of course, there’s no saying that Lexus won’t have a completely different door altogether.

  12. Didn’t know that about optional bi-xenons on Middle Eastern Land Cruisers. Have to look into that.

  13. Xenon low beams only for the Land Cruiser, high beams are still halogens.
    Go to & download the pdf brochure from the Land Cruiser page.

  14. Judging from the badges this is the GCC version of the Prado. In Europe the Prado is sold exclusively with a diesel engine. I suspect the reason the GX is not offered to GCC customers is that its price would overlap with the volume-selling mid and upper-range Land Cruiser models.

  15. haha…it would be cool if they put in suicide doors for the rear.

  16. strike that…that wouldn’t work…but a two piece would be nice. being able to open just the bottom with the logo and stuff, and also the glass. either one or both at the same time, so if its cold outside, you can open the bottom so cold doesn’t get in too much. still looking for the lights behind the “L” sign that lights up at night

  17. The GX470 is available as a grey import in some Middle-East markets like UAE.

  18. Looks like the tailgate glass may open separately via the key fob. Also notice the rear wiper is hidden above inside the roof spoiler similar to RX.

  19. wow i thought i was the only one who saw that LOL

  20. Exactly, not as an official import by Toyota, warranted and serviced by its dealers. I see a lot of US-sourced Lexi in the Gulf. I wouldn’t recommended buying them at all. Even some of the basic parts are different and not easy to find. And US-spec models are usually less equipped than their GCC counterparts.

  21. Thanks for the link!

    I know there would be some getting used to, but overall, they’re just plain COOL!

  23. US imports are popular in the UAE, from Corollas to Tundras. The most significant one was the original 1992 SC400/300. During the early nineties there were quite a few SC’s on the roads & I was absolutely smitten by that car. Despite being very popular there, Lexus never bothered to officially launch the SC. They can still be seen, albiet in different states of abuse (saw an SC with steel wheels & a cracked windshield once !)
    I think most US market Lexus models are better equipped than their M-E counterparts.
    eg- the UAE LS460 does not have the following features :-
    - Air suspension
    - Auto parking
    - Adaptive cruise control
    - Driver monitor
    - Steering heater
    - Lexus Link
    Also the 4.6 V8 generates 342 bhp as opposed to 380 bhp in N.America & it is fitted with an additional air vent in the middle of the front air-dam.

  24. I see too much of what might end up as a Lexus sad
    Those running boards don’t look very integrated, and it looks like the vehicle is wearing a huge skirt while tiptoeing on its wheels and tires. The whole wheel arch is virtually cuddling around the wheels. WTF?!?!?!
    Great find, btw. LOL