New Lexus LFA Spy Video

Stop everything and watch this video of the close-to-production Lexus LFA howling round Nürburgring:

This car looks and sounds demonic, very exciting when you consider how close this will be to the real thing. Can not wait to see the production LFA.

(Thanks Roberto!)



  1. wow

    i love it’s sound

    I gotta get this car! I gotta have it!
    My future, my potentials, and all my confidence and enthusiasms are gonna come from this one, very luxury super-sportscar.
    I still smile everyday I drive down the road in my Lexus vehicles - oh how it got me through the bad times.

  3. i used to think this was disturbingly sexy…
    now its hauntingly sexy LOL cant wait

  4. i wonder if it will have 8 speeds? lol

  5. its going to be a 6 speed, most likely, because of the power this beast has LOL

  6. Yaaaaaa~  Good luck to Lexus on the race this weekend, kick some ass!~  This is my dream car for sure; maybe, just maybe if I am lucky enough I will get one…....  smile

  7. I just hope they will get the final design right…

    Finally the line-up is good, except for the HS and IS C IMO.

    hopefully this will be sensual and breathtaking.

  8. I don’t care what poeple think but driving that car is probably better than sex. When a video gives you chills like that imagine the real thing in front of you. No words would be coming out of my mouth. My experience driving the IS-F on a track was a dream come true but the LF-A on Nürburgring…priceless.

  9. yep…thats wat im thinking

  10. Order now because this car will have very very limited production.  They will make this car for 1 to 2 years only.  Rumored to be very expensive maybe $200,000 to $300,000 if produced with the carbon fiber body.  Truly a collectors car.  I’m told there will be a coupe version that you see in the video’s and the convertible version you have probably seen in pictures.

    Clif Payne
    Product Specialist-Tom Williams Lexus/ Birmingham, AL

  11. o’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i though it ‘ll be a regular high volume high performance car as ferrari & lamborgini

    i didn’t though before it is a 2 years limited model!!!!!!!!!

  12. or you mean

    the limited version ‘ll be carbon fiber

    and their is another regular one with regular components

  13. It will be an extremely limited run.  This is an image car for Lexus and a platform for racing technology.  It will not be produced in sufficient numbers to be profitable for Toyota.  It may only have one year of production.  The latest I know from Lexus is that it will be a carbon fiber body and therefore very expensive.  There currently are plans for both the coupe and roadster versions.  It will be limited much as the Ferrari F460 was.  This will truly be a collector’s car.

  14. thanks for that tip

  15. I can’t picture it having anything less than eight gears. Maybe the world’s first 10-speed transmission? wink

  16. Thanks for stopping by, Clif. smile Appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  17. It could possibly have an 8 speed gear box but I doubt it.  I spent 3 days on the track at Las Vegas in the ISF and we drove at speeds up to 130 mph and never got out of 4th gear.  The high gears are really for gas mileage on the highway.  Judging from my experience with the ISF 6 speeds would probably be enough in the LFA.  This will not be a transmission like the ISF.  It will probably be a dual clutch SMG type of transmission like in the Ferrari’s and Formula cars.

  18. sorry for all those question but i have another 2

    1)which engine ‘ll be in the production line
    the 4.8L 500hp or the 5.0L 600hp???

    2)is their any idea on if we ‘ll see any of those engines in other lexus line up let’s say the next forth coming GS-F???

  19. I haven’t heard yet which it will be. Let’s hope for the 600hp.  The V10 engine is rumored to be a possibility for a GSF, but current economic considerations may put that car on hold.

  20. may be the 4.8l V10 ‘ll be in the next IS-F instead of the now going 5.0l V8

    and the GS-F share the LFA with the other one 5.0l V10 600hp

    because it is not logic to count a lot of money on engine to just put it in annual 24hr racing

  21. One would think; however, remember that companies spend millions developing racing engines that never see production but rather have elements of them (like direct fuel injection) that do make it to production vehicles.  Sometimes racing is pride and image as well as test beds for new technology that may not make it to production for years.

  22. i got your point

    thanks a lot clif

  23. i doubt they’ll put a puny 4.8 on a car like the LFA…im expecting 5.6 to 6.5 litres. 600hp is a 95% chance guarantee.

  24. but the engine annonced is

    4.8L——} 500 hp (in nurburgring )


    5.0L——} 600 hp

    their is nothing such 5.6 or 6.5

    and even why you need 5.6 if the 5.0 give you a total 600 hp under pony

  25. oh woops i wrote 6.5? lol sorry.
    i cant imagine the LFA having less than 6.0…

  26. hehe

    even 6.0L ‘ll boost a lot

    the 5.0L boost 600 hp

    so 6.0L ‘ll boost 700+


    it’s so high

  27. Good point, I wasn’t considering how advanced the transmission will likely be. The jump from IS-F to LFA is bound to be much greater than I realized.

  28. Considering the sales of the GS, I don’t think we’ll see a GS-F in this generation. More likely, the next GS will have an F-variant.

  29. yup

    you are right