Lexus Philippines Opens First Dealership

Lexus Philippines

Lexus has opened their first dealership in the Philippines, and it’s a exceptionally beautiful facility built in Manila at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig:

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It was designed a collaboration between Japanese firm Nomura Co. Filipino architectural firm Recio + Casas. I’m absolutely floored, it’s gorgeous.

Lexus will be offering five models to start (six including the LS 460L), and they won’t be cheap. Here’s a full breakdown from Club Lexus:

Model PHP$ US$
IS300 2,938,000.00 $62,331.60
ES350 3,678,000.00 $78,031.18
GS460 5,328,000.00 $113,037.02
LX570 7,218,000.00 $153,134.61
LS460 7,268,000.00 $154,621.85
LS460L 8,238,000.00 $175,257.95

(I suppose it won’t take long to recoup the cost of the building with this sort of markup. TPP commenter Pond brings up a good point, chances are the astronomic markup is the result of government taxes and tariffs, not the dealership.)

And lastly, during the opening of the facility, Akira Okabe, senior managing director of Toyota Motor Corp. and head of the Asia, Oceania and Middle East Operations Group gave some idea of how Lexus will develop the brand in the region:

Okabe said the era of mass production and mass consumption that characterized the huge US market is no longer the dominant strategy. He said Toyota is instead pursuing a strategy of “parallel operations,” with one based on the market in developed countries and another based on markets in the developing countries. 

“We need new technology which is very different from what is for the West,” Okabe told The STAR. “The focus used to be the US and Japan. We make cars for that market and then just bring them over to Asia. But now we must develop (cars) in Asia, by Asians for Asia,” he stressed.

[Photos: Lexus Source: Philstar]

Update: David from Lexus has posted up the contact information for their dealership while their website is being fixed:

Lexus Manila Inc.
3402 8th Avenue corner 34th Stret
North Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City 1634
Metro Manila, Philippines
Trunkline : (+63-2) 856-5050




  2. Prices are the same as we have here (Norway), but the tag comes from government taxes (based on weight, emissions, horsepower) so the earnings per car isn’t higher than elsewhere. I can only assume similar schemes are employed in the Philippines. A nice outlet indeed.

  3. Yes, of course. That makes total sense. I’ve updated the post to reflect this.

  4. krew, I found out that the RX is now on the website. Clicking on all of the tabs in the RX section shows a lot of the features. This might be a good post for your web if you want.Your choice. smile
    (many pics, oh, and there IS a glass roof on the new rx)

  5. It is cheaper compared to Malaysia.

    In Malaysia, the Lexus IS 250 is selling for US$78,000 !!!

  6. i wonder why Lexus isn´t offering the IS300 in the US. it would “fit” nicely between the IS250 and IS350. Is there a reason why?

  7. Isn’t the 300 using an older engine that copes better with lower quality fuel?

  8. i think off the 3GR-FSE engine with 252 hp/188 kW from the GS300…

  9. Thanks Eddie, I’ll be posting about this today.

  10. The dealership looks gorgeous!! Between the Lexus Gallery in Malaysia, to the one in Indonesia, and now in the Philippines…it’s a nice collection of recent new Lexus facilties.  Also Lexus Muscat…

  11. I was watching the little movie… little disappointed that the needles on the speedometer don’t go to max like in the IS when you start it up. My ES doesn’t do that either sad

    However I’m still looking forward to the new RX. Can’t wait to test drive one.

  12. 60k for an is? anybody in the phillipines besides some millionares can actually buy one…

  13. Sure, but with 90 million people there’s bound to be a number of well off beings there. Surely enough to support one dealership.

  14. The LX 570 in one of those pictures looks magnificent without that roof rack! The fuel economy is surely better without it and they’re rarely used. I’d like to see it as an option.

  15. Good eye! It’s funny, I noticed something different about that LX, but couldn’t put my finger on it.

  16. As weird as it sounds, it might actually be a cool trip to visit these really unique dealerships…

  17. Yes Pond, you’re correct. the Philippines has been granted status as a NIC, with an economy which has weathered the global crisis.  Couple this with the $14 billion from overseas remmitances last year, large expatriate and retiree communities ..Lexus Manila should do well.  Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Porsche have had a hold in the Philippines for quite some time now with their own showrooms.  Such a lavish showroom as Lexus Manila would not have materailized if Toyota did not have this confidence. Kudos!!

  18. I was in the area earlier today but couldn’t find the new Lexus building.  It definitely looks good based on the photos though.  I’ll try and get some non-PR photos of the place soon.

    The list prices are definitely out of reach of the average Filipino worker but that’s not the target market they’re after.  The top 1~2% of the population that can actually afford these cars is a big enough market to keep the dealership alive.  The Philippine gov’t imposes an excise tax on imported vehicles anywhere from 50% to over 100%.  Luxury marquees such as the Lexus will undoubtedly be heavily taxed on the extreme side of the scale.  Based on the success of the Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes dealerships in the country I guess Lexus just wants to get a piece of the action before the market is saturated or the niche market they’re coddling gets hit by the global recession.  However I’m still bothered by how these “elite” can go about boasting their wealth in public while 80% of the population is living below the poverty line.  So much for social responsibility.  But I digres…

  19. 80%???? oh come on Gilbert, where are you getting this figure from?  you just eliminated the middle class.  i’ve been to the Philippines many times and there is NO way 80% of the population is in poverty. Word Factbook has it around 30%.

  20. Where is your showroom located? Thanks!

  21. How do I get in touch with the Lexus Philippines Dealership? Do they have a contact information. Thanks!

  22. I have an ‘08 ES350 which I purchased for $33k (excluding sales tax). I love the car’s…power, performance, luxurious and style!!!  Its worth every $$$ and doesnt even compare to my MBZ.

    Its hard to believe the sell price in Philippines is 2X what I paid for in Dallas-Texas.

  23. because you have to pay the luxury car taxes 100 percent or depends on the engine size… i guess…

  24. On top of that, just think how much closer the Phillipines is to the plant that made your ES!

  25. Hi Don,

    The Lexus Philippines website looks to be down, so I don’t have any way to get that info for you.

  26. lexus the best car on the planet

  27. wow, amazing space and i’m sure truly amazing service. Unlike my loser Lexus dealer Wilkie Lexus in Ardmore PA., decrepit cramped environment, indifferent smug employees, horrible service, you would never think they were promoting a luxury brand. Its more like a Chevy dealer in 1979. Lexus in the US really needs to examine their dealerships in 3rd tier markets like this to make sure their brand standards are upheld throughout, they are truly slipping here.

  28. Hi guys, this is David of Lexus Manila. If you need contact information regarding our dealership, here’s our address and telephone number. If you are familiar with area, we are actually behind MC Home Depot and S&R Price Smart. We apologize for our website, it should be up and running in a couple of weeks.

    Hope you guys can visit us soon!

    Lexus Manila Inc.
    3402 8th Avenue corner 34th Stret
    North Bonifacio Global City
    Taguig City 1634
    Metro Manila, Philippines
    Trunkline : (+63-2) 856-5050

  29. are there career opportunities in lexus manila?

  30. Thanks for posting up this information, David! As you can see, there’s plenty of interest in your new dealership. smile

  31. Yes we do have openings as of the moment. Interested applicants for sales and finance & accounting, please contact us at (+63-2)8565050.

  32. Does anyone know what the website url for the lexus dealership in the philippines is? Thanks

  33. LEXUSaddictReturns

    the website is down for now smile

  34. actually, we have IS300’s here in the US (older models)... but has since been replaced by the 250s and 350s

  35. any opening for service technician positions?

  36. Gorgeous building. But the prices, what a rip off. You’re probably better off buying in the US (if you have access) and pay the 100% tax to bring it in. $153K for the LX, that is just outrageous. I always believe that the Lexus brand is the best value for your buck, within it’s class but with these prices, that just went away. Lexus in my opinion is just a tad below the MB and BMW brands, if not at par. That’s why it’s so successful in the US as you get the performance but not the price of the competing brands. Whether Lexus and other Japanese luxury car makers will admit it or not, European cars are still at the top of the food chain and Japanese luxury is still a notch below. By the way, I own a GX470 so I’m no Lexus hater. I love my car and the Lexus brand but not at these prices. LOL

  37. I think Japan is a million miles away from the Philippines, that’s why they charge millions for these cars.

  38. my lover have lexus sc 430….champagne color…1 of a kind!!!!!!i love riding with it!!!!!fab!!!!!!!!

  39. Hi Guys! its a prestige that finally one hell of a luxury car is now cruising philippines, its been a year before i left the phil and work here in uae.. specifically in lexus workshop as a receptionist cum service advisor. Lexus is so quiet, a lot of new customer is loving it, i mean the comfort, style, tech, and performance. BTW, Are we having workshop for this one?

    New RX350 officially arrive emirates. its amazing. mid, console, everything is techiee..

    regards and more power

  40. Something to consider is that all luxury vehicles imported into the Philippines suffer from the same markup. This isn’t strictly a Lexus issue.

  41. Actually, the distance is only about 1900 miles—closer than the US.


  43. You got that right, man. They are boycotting their own product. With that price, I would prefer a Porsche Cayman S or BMW M3. Better car, quality, handling, resale & german engineering. Just like Racing AZ’s comment.

  44. do you have indoor car cover for lexus lx 570?

  45. Hey David do you have an email address (for us not in the Philippines)that we can contact the dealership? Thanks!

  46. Hi Dennis, please check your email.

  47. something bothersome about one of lexus philippines’ policies… they are charging a one-time fee of roughly US$10,000 to anybody who wants their lexus serviced at the dealership but did not purchase the car thru them.

    quite counterintuituve when a good chunk of a dealer’s profits come from parts and service.

    quite a turn-off actually.

  48. Now thats what I picture a Lexus showroom should look like! Absolutely stunning!

  49. I’m filipino and a LEXUS owner here in California. I am happy that filipinos can now enjoy Lexus performance and good quality.

  50. why the hell are cars here in the philippines so expensive? they are like 30 percent more than in other places!

    with 40,000 USD, i cant even get a lousy craptastic 3 series BMW!!

  51. From my understanding, it’s due to import taxes imposed by the Philippine government.

  52. tell me about it! i was shocked at their prices! i just bought a 2009 IS with Navi + adaptive lights for less than 40K - that is almost 1/2 the price of the IS in Philippine pesos!!!

  53. Just looks elegant as the Lexus cars. Cool

  54. I have to agree with viv and jesuschrist. Lexus is over price. Its toyota motors for crying out loud.

    IS 350 2009 model in the US will only cost you around $37,000

    Why will you pay over $62,000 for an IS300 here? this is ridiculous!!!!!!

    Don’t get me wrong, i love lexus. But someone should really look in to this price discrepancy.

  55. I’m curious, are the Lexus prices that much different than Mercedes and BMW in the Philippines?

  56. Is it true that Lexus Manila charging $10K as one time fee to have an imported Lexus serviced at their dealership? I’m planning to have my GX470 shipped to Manila soon.  Thanks!

  57. yes it’s true. it’s so stupid i don’t understand it.

  58. We actually receive the same reaction to clients when they find out that we ask for a certain amount when they inquire about servicing imports. It's not true though that we charge 10K USD. What we do charge is Php 50,000.00, or USD 1057.87 to be exact. We charge these to imports because we may need special tools, wiring diagrams, and for the stocking of maintenance parts that are not readily available for these units.

  59. Thanks for the clarification, David.

  60. i was told by lexus reps that Php 500,000 ($10,526.30) will be charged to anyone who will have his imported lexus serviced if the car was brought in after your january 2009 opening. can you confirm this is not the case?

  61. David is the Lexus Manila GM, I’m sure he’s telling the truth. smile

  62. I’m closing down comments on this story, as I’ve had to delete five comments in the last couple days.