Lexus USA Issues Safety Recall

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Lexus has issued a US safety recall of certain GS, LS, and IS models due to potential corrosion of the cars’ fuel delivery pipes. This recall affects a total of 214,500 vehicles.

For the full problem, here’s a direct quote from the release:

The involved vehicles are equipped with aluminum fuel delivery pipes (fuel rails). Lexus has determined that ethanol fuels with low moisture content will corrode the internal surface of the fuel rails. As this condition progresses the engine malfunction light (MIL) may illuminate. Over time, the corrosion will create a pinhole resulting in fuel leakage. SSC 9LA will be launched to replace the Fuel Delivery Pipes in the affected vehicles.

All customer inquires should be directed to the Lexus Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-255-3987.

Here are the year ranges:

  • 2006-2007 GS 300/350
  • 2006-2008 IS 250/350
  • 2007-2008 LS 460/460L

For the full Special Service Campaign text, check out this Club Lexus thread.

Update: To avoid any confusion, it should be noted that recalls are a proactive measure on the part of car manufacturers, and that it’s highly unlikely that driving an affected car is dangerous. All you have to do is await your notice in the mail and bring your vehicle in for repair. (Generally, repair time for this recall is only a couple hours.)



  1. In this case the fault isn’t really wit hlexus as thesailor on autospies said

    “Ohh come on people! It is a question of something that might cause a small gas leak (which you will note quite fast), not sudden and catastrophic failure leading to a fireball of death… The cars were designed to run on gasoline, so they obviously didn’t test the piping using ethanol mixed fuel… My guess is, neither did any other manufacturer… I think it is noteworthy that Lexus are issueing a recall instead of just ignoring it and then charging their customers for fixing it IF the pipe should leak…”

  2. wait wait wait, so should i call lexus and ask them if i should take my IS250 back?its a 2008 IS250. and krew, do you know whether or not they fix it or just give u another car and put on mileage onto it?please reply, this scares me dude…

  3. Ethanol fuels? Like the cut-price bargain fuel they water down with ethanol? Why would use that crap in your Lexus!?!

  4. I guess it’s another thumbs up for Lexus smile


  6. This is something that develops over time, take it back to the dealer when you have the chance, don’t worry your car will not explode or something.

  7. do you have any idea what they do, like fix the car or do they get a new car and run the same mileage your old one had on it, and then just restick the license plate?...if anybody know please tell me

  8. They’ll fix the car.

    This modification has already been done in Europe.

    Why would they possibly exchange the car????? You cannot just swop license plates, they are connected to your VIN. Just out of interest, how old are you?

  9. LexusAddict: This is a simple repair that only takes a couple hours. There’s absolutely no need for any drama.


  10. Well, I wonder if this wasn’t a problem that really emerged until the US’ economic collapse when people started looking for ways to save money.

    Either way, this will be of significant cost to Lexus.

  11. lol k, sorry just scares me…

  12. You really care how old I am why?

  13. and by the way im 15…so stop expecting me to know everything

  14. Maybe I’m not understanding this perfectly, but this problem is a total non-issue if you don’t use ethanol gas, right?

  15. I would assume so, though I definitely think any issued recall repair should be performed regardless.

  16. A lot of gasoline worldwide contain ethanol for many reasons. In the US, up to a 10% blend is permitted, so you might want to watch out for that.

    Of course, that means that you really should go to your dealer because Lexus is willing to recall, which means that your dealer might use your ignorance against you in the future - no one is a complete angel (;

  17. 15 sounds about right but what are you doing driving at 15 to begin with?

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  18. Just purchased a 2010 RX350, front bumper is not secured properly.  Was told by dealer this is going to be a recall from Lexus.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Should I wait for a recall or should I insist the problem be fixed now?

  19. i have 2006 lexus LX400h. i do feel when i am driving and when i try to brake. it feels like something also pushing gas paddle. why is that happaning.. tks

  20. @sam: If you are experiencing issues with your Lexus, you should contact your dealership and have it looked at.