Assorted Lexus 2009 Price Changes

Lexus LS 460L AWD

The remaining 2009 Lexus model updates & US price changes are small, so let’s just put them all together:

  • ES 350: Unchanged for 2009, the ES 350 will see a fractional price increase of $200, bringing the base MSRP to $34,320.
  • GS 350/460: All versions of the gas engine GS will have a $300 price increase, bringing the base price of the GS 350 RWD to $44,850, the GS 350 AWD to $46,800, and the GS 460 up to $53,320.
  • GS 450h: This made me raise my eyebrows — the GS hybrid is getting a 40+% increase in trunk space, making the 1.1% price increase of $600 seem entirely justified.
  • LS 460/L: The LS 460/L will now have front-passenger seat memory installed, with the LS 460 price increasing $775 to $63,675 and the LS 460L jumping to $73,585.
  • LS 460/L AWD: The new AWD versions of the LS 460s will cost an additional $3525 over RWD. This brings the LS 460 AWD to $67,200 and the LS 460L to $77,110, respectively.
  • LS 600hL: The LS 600hL also gets front-passenger seat memory, and gets a bump of $985, bringing the base MSRP to $105,885

Very interested in how the 40% increase in trunk space was achieved with the GS, and even more curious why it wasn’t applied to the LS 600hL as well.

[Source: Lexus]



  1. I just don’t get Lexus sometimes. The LS doesn’t have front passenger memory seats when the lesser models did?

    Here’s a website that might make everyone dumbfounded:

    The weirdest things include the fact that the supposedly innovative front passenger’s twin chamber airbag standard on the LS 460 but completely unavailable on the LS hybrid?!

    I don’t see anything that says there’s a better version of the airbag for the hybrid model.

    Another thing that bothers me is that the LX engine pumps out only a few more bhp than the LS 460 from a bigger engine ‘cause it doesn’t have the “dual fuel injection system.” Is it not good enough for off-road use? That I kinda understand.

    I was really hoping that the LS has all the little luxuries the cheaper models have, while the LX kinda has it all. The lack of that shows in the LX 570 press videos where the guy goes on saying that “it doesn’t have the [better one] on the other models”...

    I’m sorry…it’s just that I’m a confused Lexus fan right now.

  2. I’m guessing that the dual-chamber passenger airbag not being on the LS hybrid—that has to do with the leather dashboard that the LSh has?  Maybe they went for a traditional airbag because the opening works better with the different dash material?  Note here in this pic the LSh passenger side has airbag deployment seams visible:


    That is not the case on the non-hybrid LS.

    As for the passenger memory seats, yet it is weird. But one thing that is a feature which the LS gets but others don’t, is memory seats for the rear seat passengers.  It’s kinda strange but maybe has to do with chauffeured LS customers…3/4 seats have had memory on the LS 430 and LS 460.

  3. Correction, this is the full-size pic: