Lexus LX Used 2001 Lexus LX 470 Value

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Hi All! We are shopping for a new family car and as much as I would LOVE a NEW LX sadly is not in the budget. I did however find a 2001 LX 470 is GREAT condition with low miles considering it's age (93k). The dealer is asking nearly $18k but my online research (edmunds TMV, KBB and NADA) does not support this asking price. These websites value the car at $9300, $7300 and $13500. Am I missing something as this is a significant difference in value? The carfax is clean and the vehicle has had just one owner. Any advice/insight would be appreciated.


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Like most dealerships nowadays, the dealership with that LX is probably using Market Based Pricing. They'll look at similar LXs within a certain distance from their location and price it competitively...not exactly taking book values into account.

That specific LX has low-mileage for its age and that generation is highly sought after. The dealership might not sell it for the near $18k asking price, but uncommon/niche vehicles typically command a premium over high-volume, commonly found vehicles.
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