Lexus RC F Shifting 'beep' sound... can it be switched off?

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Sup, again.

I was watching some Lexus RC F on-track videos, and I kept hearing this little 'beep' sound effect when the engine would reach redline. So I looked it up. Turns out, yup, its a shifting indicator. Now, I sort of find this annoying, and I was wondering if it can be switched off. An individual on another forum said that his RC F doesn't have the shifting beep. I was sort of confused by this. He later said that it might be because he changed his Sport+ mode gauge cluster skin, and he said after he changed it, the beep no longer occurred. He said the beep still happens when you try to downshift into too low of a gear, or when you try to shift into too high of a gear, but not when he reaches redline. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. Thanks!

Faisal Sheikh

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Yeah, it was me who said I don't get the beep. It was in my video. The only change I have, is the skin being changed of sport mode and sport+ mode.