Lexus Europe Launches LC 500 & LC 500h Configurator


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Exciting to see the packages and three different wheel options. Hard to believe it's just 4 months away from dealership arrival in N.A.!


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Just gonna copy and paste my post from the other LC thread so sorry if any repeated info:

I found that there were 3 main trim levels on the LC: Luxury, Sport and Sport+, which I compared the main features on the website:

It seems that the main differences are that the Luxury trim has a panoramic glass roof while the Sport trims have a Carbon Fiber roof. Other differences are that the Sport and Sport+ have Alacantra upholstery while the Luxury has leather upholstery. All trims have privacy glass as well as ACC. The Luxury trim I believe only has the option of the Luxury Design seats (the Luxury Design seats were the seats that were in the first images released of the LC 500h with the orange, indigo and white color scheme. The Sport and Sport+ Trims only have the option of the Sport Design seats which were seen in the images of the LC 500 when it was first revealed. The only way that you will be able to get the retractable rear spoiler is with the Sport+ Trim, which explains why we saw some images of the LC without the lines in the trunk and some that did. These trims are available on both the LC 500 and LC 500h.

There is a Limited Edition Trim of the LC 500 and LC 500h that seems to be a mix of all the trim levels:

It has the panoramic glass roof from the Luxury but it also has the 21" forged alloy wheels from the Sport+. It has leather upholstery but the roof lining is Alacantra. The only exterior colors available on this trim are F White and Sonic Titanium. This is the saddest part about the LC IMO, the beautiful white, orange and indigo interior we saw in the LC 500h (called Breezy Blue semi-aniline leather) is only available in the Limited Edition! I really don't like this because it is a trim that won't be here forever and the Limited Edition doesn't have specs ideal for everybody. Also, it is the only good looking interior IMO because the other interiors are mainly just one color and seem boring to me.

Another thing that I noticed is that the beautiful Sky Blue that we saw on the LC 500h could not be found in this configurator anywhere for any trim level. But maybe that's because this is the European version. The only option available on any trim was the 13-speaker Mark Levinson® Premium Surround System. There were 6 accessories: alloy wheel protector, fabric protector, first aid kit, long life body protector, reflecting jacket and safety kit. I honestly don't know why there is a reflecting jacket as an accessory available with this car and I don't even know what a long life body protector is TBH. When I clicked more information about the accessories, there was no information or images to show.
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