Electrical issue

Does anyone know which wire is the 12 volt constant that goes into the cabin of the car? Or know where the relay switch is that goes into the drivers door? I can’t find an electrical diagrams anywhere.

I was trying to install new blinkers in the side view mirror when something happened with the electric. When the car is off there is no power to the cabin, my key fob doesn’t work, lights don’t turn on when I open the door etc. Yet, the drivers side window works at all times, whether the door is open or with absolutely no power to the car.

I opened the whole door and can’t find any wires split or unplugged but as far as that I can’t think of where the else to look. I’ve also checked all the fuses, nothing is blown.
It is a 2015 Lexus is250

Ian Schmidt

In a 2015 there's likely multiple 12 volt constants going into the cabin so just looking for one won't get you far. If you undo whatever you changed, does it restore correct operation?