Lexus CT "Check Headlight System" Error

Hello, I have a Lexus CT200h (2013 pre-facelift)

After I replaced my left (LED) headlight it keeps showing the “Check Headlight System” error with “B2430” code.

The error in the car appears only when I put the lights (low beam) to ON or to AUTOMATIC (only if it’s night and the low beam will light on). When the lights are OFF or when I select the 1st scale, so only the Daylights are on (low beam is off), there is no error. By the time the low beam will turn on, the error will appear after 8-9 seconds.

The headlight is fully functioning and everything works properly but the error keeps showing up.

If anyone have any idea of what could be wrong, how I can fix this or how can I remove the error somehow so it won’t show up again, please let me know. I would really appreciate your support because we have tried several things but the error is still there.

Thank you.