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    What's wrong with Infiniti?

    Well they are done. Had a handful of so so years at best. Crazy to think they were going to go ahead with an EV strategy years ago.
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    No Production Lexus LF-1 Crossover Until 2022?

    I just don’t ever see the ES being much more than what it is now as they have a trusted audience who buys the ES for being large and comfy.
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    "Nissan Next" Previews All New Lineup from A to Z

    I'm very excited for the Z! It seems everything else is a suv/cuv or truck lol. FYI its another facelift, not all new.
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    Lexus LC LC500 Active Sports Exhaust

    It isn't that bad, it is a nice roar stock. Only when really flooring it to redline does it scream and they might have a mic by the exhaust. Worst case you can add silencers or more sound deadening or possibly disconnect the pipe that filter sound from the engine to the cabin.
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    2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition & Updated 2020 RC F Coupe [MERGED]

    You got to sweeten the pot and get taxed bro hahahha
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    No Production Lexus LF-1 Crossover Until 2022?

    We don't know who doesn't want to do it. Is it dealers not asking? Is it something not being presented. The fact is there isn't just demand, there is huge demand in the luxury segment. Coupe and sedan sales are moving to Coupe SUV's. Lexus is not present which is alarming when all the Germans...
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    2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition & Updated 2020 RC F Coupe [MERGED]

    There are still quite a few unsold Track Edition's left and they now qualify for rebates and incentives.
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    The Future of the IS Thread

    Acura drops their TLX tomorrow and all indications show they woke up quite a bit. If Lexus drops their "new" IS behind the TLX with basically no major engine updates etc, it is going to look very very VERY bad. Every car in this class has an optional engine north of 360hp. We are talking...
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    No Production Lexus LF-1 Crossover Until 2022?

    If I was at Lexus, I would have to figure out a way to get these products faster to market without sacrificing quality. The fact is this vehicle is so late its not funny. The BMW X6 is in its THIRD generation. Look I am not at all a fan of coupe SUV's but from a business standpoint this is where...
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    The Lexus LC F Megathread

    Honestly I don't care what it competes with. I just need it to come. Lexus pushing it back gives me hope to be ready for it hahaha.. I just hope and hope it has a back seat. Our family of 3 fits fine in the LC and I take my son everywhere. I would be beyond disappointed if it loses a major part...
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    2021 Acura TLX Type S Will Pack a Powerful 3.0L Turbo V-6

    Nice wheel. Ala NSX. Interior made me dizzy. Exterior I can’t really tell much yet.
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    Introducing the All-New 2019 Lexus ES 350 & ES 300h

    That was the idea but she didn't go for the LS.... she couldn't justify the price difference. I could. I think she is a prime example of some of the issues Lexus faces today. She brought the ES home and our son thought it was the LS we had to drive. That is how similar they are. Even I cannot...
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    Lexus GS F Doug DeMuro reviews the 2020 GSF

    Doug is a VW/Audi fanboi and his reviews are trash. Having subscribers and views doesn't mean **** to me. The needle has moved these cars aint 70-80k anymore. A GS F loaded is 90k. I know sounds like a ton. When you compare it to other special badged cars, its cheap. The CTS-V is even 100-105k...
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    Toyota employing 'influencer marketing' to adapt to post-coronavirus market

    I've been used as an "influencer "(I hate that term lol) and work with many as well. It continues to be a solid strategy for companies to use. Once used correctly it is a powerful tool. Unfortunately a lot of it is still based on likes/comments which to an expert, is just part of the puzzle.
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    Michael Jordan's Cars in ESPN The Last Dance

    An amazing documentary..... And he had some great cars in the series.