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    Lexus LS Fuel-Cell Prototype Spotted!

    ^^^ I am in love with all of it expect the pointy nose. The specs seem incredible..
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    Official 5th Generation GS Thread: Four Door Coupe, F, Engines, etc.

    My phone has been non stop buzzing about "HEY MIKE WHY ISN"T THIS THE GS, WHERE IS THE GS, HOW IS TOYOTA GETTING THIS" thus I'm on my third glass of Bourbon... It is gorgeous for the most part inside and out. It is LS based. Around 60k. RWD. 12.3" screen. It is a Toyota, not a Lexus. Going to...
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    2020 Toyota Supra Master Thread (Officially Unveiled pg 26)

    From what I've gathered there was no way the Supra was coming to light without partnering with another company. Tada San is brilliant and when the collab with BMW came to light it made sense for both companies to share parts on low volume cars. Let's not forget BMW does sell the Z4 which never...
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    Lexus GS F Diego's Modified GS F with GTHAUS Exhaust

    Diego just got rid of it but his GS F was one of the most modified around, with every Tom's Racing part they sold and a bunch of other modifications. Here is something I helped put together with BAM and Diego recently.....
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    2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition & Updated 2020 RC F Coupe [MERGED]

    I seems to be something with the seatbelt harness correct? Not like the entire frame is shifting. We all probably expected some issues but this is IMO very minor being 7 cars.
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    Official 8th Generation (2018+) 010B Camry Discussion

    I dunno you seem to be proving my point. Angular, blank buttons all over and pretty dreadful compared to the competition. Don't take me to literal lol.
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    Official 8th Generation (2018+) 010B Camry Discussion

    1977? VW's inside and out don't look designed at all outside the Arteon which also has an interior for the 1980s.
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    Porsche shows Taycan interior (update: officially introduced)

    From what I've gathered Porsche will not compete on price. Ever. They feel its a superior product and will be priced accordingly. Been quiet on the Lexus front but I'm hearing the next Toyota Mirai will be incredible.
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    2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition & Updated 2020 RC F Coupe [MERGED]

    It is only 7 Supras thus far and they are checking the rest. But the internet made it seem like its all Supras. And the RC F has had recalls too. Part of the game.
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    Lexus RX Legit reason a pre-owned might not sell for 8 months?

    Some new 2017 cars are still on lots. The market is super saturated..... not unusual..
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    Lexus RC F Redline Reviews: Has Lexus Transformed the 2020 RC F Track Edition into Japan's BMW M4?

    This Redline title is dumb since the RC F is preferred by many established writers and mags in Europe. This isn't a base M4 competitor. I think the more appropriate comparison would be the Track Edition vs the M4 GTS....
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    Apple Talk

    Good points. The black Hermes one is yelling at me but thats a lot of coin for an apple watch.... but damn its beautiful lol
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    Lexus GS F Minor Update for 2020 Lexus GS F

    Nice catch on the GS F.... shocked they added an interior color this late in its life cycle. it is here in the USA... not sure on the Calipers..
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    2021 Toyota Sienna

    What I'm hearing.. hybrid, hybrid, hybrid...
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    Official 8th Generation (2018+) 010B Camry Discussion

    That looks like an interior from 1987