LXE Podcast 24: The New Lexus RZ, Teased

On this episode of the Lexus Enthusiast Podcast, Kevin & Michael dissect teaser images of the new RZ crossover coupe and take a detour around recent automotive industry news. This and much more, on the latest podcast from Lexus Enthusiast.

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(Our apologies for Kevin’s poor audio quality this week, technical difficulties and all that.)

Show Notes

We cover the following stories on this week’s podcast:



I also agree on what has been said in this podcast about the UX, it should've been built on the Corolla Cross platform.

It's a bit of an oddity on the Lexus lineup, such a small boot on the UX250h, it's a bit sad because it's so much better built than all the competition. Even the new AWD Hybrid system for the Corolla Cross, it would make the UX such a good car!