Lexus LX 600 Coming This Year

Now that we’ve seen the second generation NX and refreshed ES, rumors are heating up about the next generation LX set to arrive later this year. Creative Trend, a Japanese automotive media website, provided a render of Lexus’ flagship SUV which, perhaps not surprisingly, is derived heavily from the LF-1 Limitless concept.

It seems like every Lexus CUV or SUV render since 2018 has been based on the LF-1 Limitless concept somehow, so we take the image lightly. However, the timing of a new LX later this year after the Land Cruiser launch does seem to check out.

That raises the question: Will the LX and Land Cruiser continue to share platforms as they have historically? And if it launches this year, wouldn’t it be more likely to arrive as a 2022 model? Join the conversation in the Lexus Enthusiast forums.

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