Lexus Named Best Luxury Brand in KBB 5-Year Cost to Own Awards

Kelley Blue Book has just named Lexus Best Luxury Brand in their 5-Year Cost to Own Awards for 2019. In their own words:

Kelley Blue Book analysts calculate projected resale values, insurance and state fees, estimate the costs for fuel, maintenance and repairs and take into consideration the vehicle’s acquisition cost as determined by KBB’s Fair Purchase Price.

In addition, KBB named 22 individual segment winners, 4 of which were Lexus vehicles: UX (Best Luxury Subcompact SUV/Crossover), NX (Best Luxury Compact SUV/Crossover), RX (Best Luxury Mid-Size SUV/Crossover) and GS (Best Luxury Car).

It's time to bring all these smaller awards into a single thread.
Lexus LC Named 2018 Auto Express Coupe of the Year


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I wasn't expecting the Lexus LC to win though because British journalists are typically very biased towards German cars. No offence.
Wow! What a pleasant surprise! I thought it had no chance since the sister magazine in Germany had nothing good to say about the LC500 when it was reviewed and compared to the RS5.

Remember that this comes on top "Wards Top 10 interior award" in 2017.
This is great for the brand , absolutely great !!!
Something start to change up in a good way
This gonna be a long thread lol
Good but nothing new
This gonna be a long thread lol
Better than 300 short threads. :D
Porsche does have great service, but I wonder if the survey took prices into account? Even if it did, the customers perspective on expensive and inexpensive is probably different for Porsche owners and Lexus owners.
The perspective depends to an extent what Porsche's product mix is. Soccer moms in Cayennes have different expectations than car guys with 911s.