Lexus ES Sedan to Debut World’s First Digital Side Mirrors

The 2019 Lexus ES sedan will debut in Japan with digital side-view monitors, marking the first time camera technology has replaced traditional mirrors in a production vehicle. The system works by installing small exterior cameras on the front doors, which provide a feed onto 5-inch display monitors located inside the cabin at the base of the front pillars.

The side-view monitors are shaped in a way that prevents rain or snow from degrading image quality, a clear benefit over a simple mirror. When the turn signals are activated, the system enhances the image to provide the driver with improved spacial awareness — here’s a Japanese-language video detailing how the whole thing works:

The digital side-view monitors will be offered on the new ES sedan when it goes on sale in late October. At this time, the option will only be available in Japan.

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You are choosing not to see the points about development timelines and product planning between Toyota and Lexus, and would rather counter with extreme "YEAH? SO?" discussions. We are going downhill here.
But he does have an important point. CarPlay wasn't ready when LS500 launched. Should they have waited until it was ready, and then delayed it again until calendar year 2019 because Android Auto is apparently coming? The thing with these tech rollouts on cars is that they're getting into the same place computers have been for years: there IS no good time to upgrade because new stuff's always 3 months off.
I think i read somewhere in this forum that doing this stuff gives them the chance to iron out glitches and problems that may arise during the first roll out. So by the time its in a car like the LS, its almost perfect with little to no issues. A good example is the UX interior what they added where the touch-pad is. that could have been in the ES but IMO they probably have it in the UX to get a feed a back. The other example will be the touch screen that is supposed to go in the refresh RX (if the video about the Lexus product planning is to be believed.)