Lexus ES Sedan to Debut World’s First Digital Side Mirrors

Lexus ES Digital Side Mirrors

The 2019 Lexus ES sedan will debut in Japan with digital side-view monitors, marking the first time camera technology has replaced traditional mirrors in a production vehicle. The system works by installing small exterior cameras on the front doors, which provide a feed onto 5-inch display monitors located inside the cabin at the base of the front pillars.

The side-view monitors are shaped in a way that prevents rain or snow from degrading image quality, a clear benefit over a simple mirror. When the turn signals are activated, the system enhances the image to provide the driver with improved spacial awareness — here’s a Japanese-language video detailing how the whole thing works:

The digital side-view monitors will be offered on the new ES sedan when it goes on sale in late October. At this time, the option will only be available in Japan.