Tonight: Next-Generation Lexus ES Sedan Debut

After months of speculation and spy shots and teasers, the next-generation Lexus ES will debut later today at the Beijing Motor Show. The press conference is scheduled for 10:40am local time in Beijing, or 10:40pm ET/7:40pm PT.

Synced up with the Beijing debut is a special event in California, where the ES will be shown to North American media. This is the first time in memory Lexus has held a mirror-reveal, and it speaks to the importance of the new global mid-size sedan.

Lexus Enthusiast will be in attendance here in the USA with all the latest on the new ES — for live updates, please follow Lexus News on Twitter account, Instagram, and Facebook.

Lexus ES: Sixth Generation
Can't wait!
  • GTG
  • April 24, 2018
Thank you car Gods .
Hey guys, can someone link to a livestream, like there was for Detroit, Geneva for Lexus and Toyota? Please and thank you.
greencarreports broke the embargo:
Looks nice! Ready for more pics from other angles.
More than anything, the “hips” and rear end are actually very similar to the RC. I like.
Anyone got a link or something for the reveal ?
^TFL is suppose to have it live, but nothing is working. :(

^TFL is suppose to have it live, but nothing is working. :(

I know! I keep refreshing their page!
I wonder if the unveiling got delay or something. The face-lift Mazda6 unveiling in LA was postpone for like 20-30 mins.

They made a mistake not making it AWD or RWD
NOOO! No AWD, well I guess they had to "cost cut" somewhere!
why is there big gap between wheel and wheel arch? It does not look very good...
Next generation ES appears rather promising by looking more upmarket and sport-orientated. Should help open new opportunities for the next GS if any. IMO.
  • R
  • April 25, 2018
Not an ideal photo opportunity during the reveal, wasn’t able to capture much.

Plus side, I did spend quite a bit of time with the standard and F SPORT, and we have a lot to be excited about. More soon!