Teased: The Next-Generation Lexus ES Sedan

Lexus ES Teaser Image

Lexus has released the first teaser image of the upcoming next-generation ES sedan, here it is in full-resolution:

Whether by coincidence or strategy, the released image is from nearly the same angle as the photo of the ES that leaked on Monday. The vertical slat grille is a departure from recent patterns used by Lexus, and is likely meant to soften the ES’ overall resemblance to the LS sedan.

The press release reads more like a tweet, but contains some valuable information:

More than just a pretty face, this all-new Lexus vehicle aims to radically transform the concept of comfort for luxury consumers all over the world. Witness its global debut in Beijing on April 25, 2018. #ExperienceAmazing

There we have it — not only will the new Lexus ES debut in two weeks at the Beijing Motor Show, it will be available in all markets globally. Big news indeed.

So, what do you think of this spindle grille intrepretation? Are you ready for an ES with a design similar to the LS flagship?