Lexus LC is the Driving Benchmark for Every New Lexus Model

Lexus International executive vice-president and the chief engineer of the new UX, Chika Kako, spoke with Road & Track about the future of Lexus driving dynamics:

“We are trying to have the same feeling in all the Lexus models starting from LC and LS,” Kako said through a interpreter. “Even if we have totally different structures, we are always comparing with the LC.”

Kako used two interesting words to define the driving characteristics Lexus is aiming for—clear and deep. I’ll let her explain what they mean in context.

“Clear means being very responsive to your inputs. . .a clear steering feel where your input translates directly to your output. Deep is more about having the secure feel and confidence.”

This strikes me as a very accurate way to describe both the LC coupe and LS sedan, and bodes well for the UX driving experience. One other passage to highlight from the story:

Lexus uses master “Takumi” drivers in the final stages of development to make sure the tuning on all of its cars is just right. Kako told us that the Takumi who signed off on the UX is the same guy who gave final approval for the LC. And even Toyota president Akio Toyoda—a keen racer himself—has to sign off on each car before it reaches production.

Lexus LC: First GenerationLexus UX: First Generation
I really like the sound of this!
I can imagine if they applied this to the LX 570. Especially, in the Middle East. It would be even double the HIT!!
Well that is one hell of a target and I applaud them for it. The LC drives fantastic and even at low speeds feels "special".
This among many other things is proof that Lexus is revolutionizing their brand. One piece of advice that I wish that they could see is that if the LC500 is the benchmark for all Lexus models across the board, then the LFA is the benchmark for the F models, that aura, that essence of the LFA to be imparted in the F models.

That...... will prove how serious Lexus is as a brand. The LFA will be something that will always uphold legendary status, a poignant reminder that THAT specific Lexus is the greatest car of all time. The inspiration from F1, which brings tears to my eyes, the positive vibrations, the supreme amounts of security, tautness and solid dynamics, capability to participate in racing, that certain "feel-good" feeling, the rich, clear and screaming engine, with powerful shifts from the transmission, and most of all, enjoying such high levels of a machine while being reliable, dependable and practical. Adrenaline and serotonin levels rushing to an all-time high. That is what Lexus is all about, and that is what customers should feel when stepping behind a wheel of one. Truly luxurious yet extremely capable. All F cars should answer to the LFA. Like how the other models as Kako-san mentioned should answer to the LC500, a much more toned down car in many levels, along with other flagships than the LFA, but still answer Lexus' philosophy with the LFA being held at the top. And of course, the LC-F should try to follow the benchmark that the venerable LFA has set.

Do it Lexus.
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  • March 15, 2018
F1 Silver Arrow says it all ... "truly luxurious yet extremely capable"
The YET philosophy is Lexus
If Lexus entered the Olympics in the suspension category they would win a Gold medal for the LC500.
I totally concur with the descriptions. Narusan would be proud of his progeny.
Sounds impressive and I like it, waiting to see actual results...