Lexus LC is the Driving Benchmark for Every New Lexus Model

Lexus LC 500 ROad & Track

Lexus International executive vice-president and the chief engineer of the new UX, Chika Kako, spoke with Road & Track about the future of Lexus driving dynamics:

“We are trying to have the same feeling in all the Lexus models starting from LC and LS,” Kako said through a interpreter. “Even if we have totally different structures, we are always comparing with the LC.”

Kako used two interesting words to define the driving characteristics Lexus is aiming for—clear and deep. I’ll let her explain what they mean in context.

“Clear means being very responsive to your inputs. . .a clear steering feel where your input translates directly to your output. Deep is more about having the secure feel and confidence.”

This strikes me as a very accurate way to describe both the LC coupe and LS sedan, and bodes well for the UX driving experience. One other passage to highlight from the story:

Lexus uses master “Takumi” drivers in the final stages of development to make sure the tuning on all of its cars is just right. Kako told us that the Takumi who signed off on the UX is the same guy who gave final approval for the LC. And even Toyota president Akio Toyoda—a keen racer himself—has to sign off on each car before it reaches production.