Auto Design Critic Robert Cumberford Critiques Lexus LC 500 Design

Longtime automotive design critic Robert Cumberford has given his take on the Lexus LC 500 for Automobile Magazine:

[The LC 500] is a good design. It hits the proportions aspect of greatness almost perfectly, but it falls down a bit in matters of intersecting lines, conflicting discrete details, and that unique and definitely not beautiful oversized grille. Its interior brings us zero innovation, creation, or forward-looking imagination. But it’s extremely well-executed and far more interesting than earlier Toyota-Lexus designs.

The mere fact the LC’s proportions are satisfying, and the distribution of its volumes and the overall feel of the design please so many, is not enough for iconic status. It does, however, give us reason to hope for even better models yet to come.

Lexus LC: First Generation

The LC500 is a favorite vehicle for two of the AB staff; ironically, one of them did also vote the GX as his worst of 2017 :yum
This LC looks menacing
their conclusion is not apparently based on any logic or clear rationale. The LC beats the DB11 even though the DB11 have more than 100 ft lbs more of torque. Entertaining video though, but give me some sound logic. @ $100k less!!! HA!
it was a stupid review. It's a shame that lexus (and Toyota) is forever battling the moving goal posts and bland stereotype. All their reviews start with the same boring overused clichés. X has always been bland/boring/reliable transport...but now X has bla bla bla...
Now here's a review worth including:

The majority of the LC reviews have been very positive, more so than the LS IMO. Just a few outliers.