Motor Trend Video: The Lexus LC 500 vs Aston Martin DB11

Motor Trend have a new video pitting the Lexus LC 500 against the Aston Martin DB11, and it’s a fun enough comparison until presenters Jethro Bovingdon and Jonny Lieberman pick the winner:

The LC 500 may cost $100k USD less, but so what? The Lexus V8 engine is more engaging on the road, the interior is better — who cares? The LC handles better on the track? Why does that matter?

Arguing about personal opinions is like spitting in the wind, but the leap of logic in choosing the DB11 over the LC 500 is embarrassing. A bad showing from the folks at Motor Trend.

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The LC500 is an favorite vehicles for a few of the staff; ironically, one of the guys who loved the LC voted the GX as his worst of 2017 :yum
This LC looks menacing
their conclusion is not apparently based on any logic or clear rationale. The LC beats the DB11 even though the DB11 have more than 100 ft lbs more of torque. Entertaining video though, but give me some sound logic. @ $100k less!!! HA!
it was a stupid review. It's a shame that lexus (and Toyota) is forever battling the moving goal posts and bland stereotype. All their reviews start with the same boring overused clichés. X has always been bland/boring/reliable transport...but now X has bla bla bla...
Now here's a review worth including: