Special Edition Lexus LC Coupe Now Available in Europe

Lexus LC Structural Blue

Lexus Europe has announced a special edition LC coupe available in Structural Blue, a new exterior color made up of a seven distinct paint layers:

The color was inspired by the Morpho butterfly:

Native to North and South America, this butterfly is renowned for the deep, shimmering blue of its wings. But in fact, the wings are colourless. The blue we see is created by light interference on their microscopic lattice surface structure.

This was just the kind of effect Lexus wanted to achieve with Structural Blue. However, producing such high luminance and colour saturation called for unprecedented efforts to develop a new kind of multi-layered pigment.

Structural Blue is applied to the LC in a 15-micrometre layer between the primer and clear coats, and uses nano-structures – super-small flakes – in the paint to change the color depending on the available light.

All told, the paint application process includes 12 production steps and 20 quality inspections — only two LCs in Structural Blue can be produced per day at the Motomachi factory in Japan.

This new special edition will be available in limited quantities in Europe, and comes standard with the Breezy Blue interior and a full outfitting of options.