Lexus LS F High-Performance Flagship to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show?

There’s a bombshell scoop coming out of Japan — according to an currently unidentified magazine (likely Best Car), Lexus plans to debut an LS F performance sedan at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The rumor doesn’t stop there, claiming the LS F will be powered by a brand-new 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine. Here’s a snapshot of the page, posted by JZI International on Instagram:

Lexus LS F Full Page

Outside of the black squiggle behind the signature F fender vents, it’s near impossible to imagine a better looking version of the LS F — the car’s design is perfectly suited for a high-performance variant.

The 4.0L twin turbo V8 has been an ongoing rumor for the better part of this year, with enough smoke that a fire is near guaranteed. Introducing such a powerful engine with the LS F would also explain the decision not to include a V8 in launch of the standard model.

So, should we expect the LS F to be revealed in Tokyo? Let’s look at the patterns:

  • As a bi-annual show, the Tokyo Motor Show has seen Lexus debut the LFA Nürburgring in 2011, the RC in 2013, and the LF-FC flagship concept in 2015.
  • Contrast this with the Detroit Auto Show, which happens just two months after Tokyo — in the past five years, Lexus has debuted the LF-FC concept, the IS sedan, the RC F followed by the GS F, then the production LC & LS models.

Taken even further, Detroit has been the home of every F brand reveal except for the LFA, which debuted at Tokyo in 2009. This is not to suggest patterns can’t be broken, but it does temper my expectations somewhat. Let’s move this to the forum for further discussion — what do you think of this new LS F information?

(Thanks Mike & SteVVT-i!)

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This model would have to have a different name than the LS. Can't think of a model designation's late and I'm tired...
I like "LS-X" for something like that.