Road & Track: The Lexus LC 500 is the “Perfect Halo Car”

Lexus LC Road & Track

Travis Okulski of Road & Track has some big praise in his review of the Lexus LC 500:

It’s as close to a concept car as you can get on the street. The front end is impossibly low, with headlights encased in what looks like titanium. On certain color LCs (read: not silver), it really stands out. The side profile is sleek, with flush, Aston Martin-like door handles and a floating roofline. Around back, the taillights disappear into the trim when they aren’t lit. When they are lit, there are layers to them, like the OLED tails in a BMW M4 GTS. You can stare at them for hours.

If you want the LC, you want a large GT car that has a free revving V8 that sounds unreal, a smooth ride, and a seriously comfortable interior. It delivers on all those things. It’s an excellent high-speed GT coupe that’s surprisingly agile in the corners.