Automobile Magazine Reviews the Lexus LC 500: “Feel Quick While Looking Good”

Lexus LC Automobile Magazine

Automobile Magazine spent a week with the Lexus LC 500, and here’s what they had to say:

“Love the LED taillights, headlight signature and for once, the grille,” says Road Test Editor Eric Weiner.

While the spindle grille looks like it’s off a ’61 Plymouth on Lexus SUVs and sedans (or like it’s off a ’58 Buick on the new LS), the big, bold, toothy hunk of chrome somehow fits this sport coupe, leading its sinewy, LFA-derived, Coke-bottle shape. The spindle is bent more severely in the middle, of course, because of the LC’s low hood.

“Good Lord, does the engine sound glorious,” Weiner adds. “Beefy and purposeful at low rpm and positively unchained and alive at higher rpm. The 10-speed is up to the task, always downshifting into the correct gear as I braked hard – great brakes – into corners. But gears one through seven feel too tall, while eight, nine and 10 are all highway gears with overdrive. I usually just manually shifted with the expensive-feeling magnesium paddles, for the best experience.”

Along with the review is a beautiful gallery, here’s just a small selection: