Jalopnik Review: The Lexus LC 500

Jalopnik may be notoriously uneven with their Lexus coverage, but every once and a while, we get a gem like this LC 500 review from Kristen Lee:

[The LC 500] has its flaws but they are totally forgivable for what you are getting in return: a beautifully dressed, living, breathing grand-touring coupe with big doors that’s cool as ice cream.

Could more be done to make it practical? Absolutely. If it’s going to be comfortable enough to take on an hours-long drive, it should also have the room to bring the things you’d need on a trip so far away.

When you get into it, it definitely feels like something special. You climb over the wide door sills and plunk yourself down into the deep bucket seat. It fires up with a roar and settles down into a burbly idle. Maybe sometimes you forget what you’re driving and wonder what exactly it is that everyone is staring at. And then you remember.

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