Lexus Introduces New Lane Valet Autonomous Technology


Lexus is bringing a new autonomous vehicle technology upgrade to all models called Wireless Valet — here’s a video demonstration:

The technology behind the functionality is impressive:

This advanced system will improve traffic flow by assisting the movement of slower moving vehicles from the left lane into the more appropriate right lane, which, in turn, helps make the highway safe and more enjoyable for all parties. Utilizing unprecedented radar and lane monitoring technology, in conjunction with 802.11p V2V wireless data protocol, this new semi-autonomous system will help Lexus drivers to communicate temporarily with the slower vehicle and do the driver the courtesy of safely moving their vehicle for them.

(I do question the optional Lane Valet activator — it looks to be similar in size and shape to the Start/Stop button, and with a similar placement. I’m looking forward to trying this new feature out myself.)