Experience Amazing: Lexus Releases New Global Commercial


Lexus has delivered a big-picture moment today with the release of their new global brand commercial — get ready to watch this back-to-back-to-back-to-back:

There’s a lot here to process, but the key is the new tagline “Experience Amazing”. Lexus visualizes their recent initiatives — the hoverboard campaign from last year, the Sports Yacht concept, the partnership with Luc Besson and his new movie Valerian, the new LC 500 — and demonstrates how they are all built from the same material. This is context on a broad scale, showing how everything comes together to form a greater experience.

The execution is stunning, the high-resolution summer blockbuster visuals show the detail in every part, every element. The song — The Princess by Parov Stelar — fits into every scene.

This may be the most important marketing campaign to come out of Lexus since the (sadly unavailable) Hard Way commercials in 2011. This is Lexus at maximum volume, and the message is loud and clear.