Rumor: Is Lexus Preparing an LC Convertible?

Automotive News has some interesting details on possible variants of the Lexus LC:

A convertible version would be the first to come to market, giving dealers their long-sought Lexus droptop and an answer to the LC’s competitors, all of which offer a convertible iteration.

The platform is structurally able to accommodate a convertible, Koji Sato, the chief engineer of the LC and platform engineer for the GA-L, told Automotive News. The LC also has the packaging space for all-wheel drive.

A convertible LC is hardly a shocking move, but it’s surprising that the new coupe can accommodate an all-wheel drive system considering an all-new suspension was necessary to fit underneath the low hood.

There’s also further mention of a LC F high-performance variant:

A high-performance LC F model is also likely, but this could take some time. A turbocharged version of the 5.0-liter V-8 wouldn’t be possible in the LC, according to another engineer at the press launch. This means the brand would have to wait until a new generation of turbocharged V-8 bows, likely in a midcycle update of the LC.

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