Video: Mystery Lexus RC F Race Car Spotted at Sebring Raceway

A mystery Lexus RC F race car was spotted at Sebring Raceway in Florida — the car was wrapped in Gazoo Racing livery and sounds brutal mean:

The most obvious possibility is that this car is a new GT3 build similar to the one just delivered to 3GT Racing, but that doesn’t explain the Gazoo logos. Another curious detail — the RC F was transported to the track in a Sage Auto truck, a dealership group based in California that owns no Lexus store.

The video was posted by Youtube user Lanky Turtle, and there are some interesting theories in the site comments. Most believe this is a GT4 prototype, which would be an amazing turn of events for Lexus. One person suggests it might be same RC F GT Concept that was used in the Car & Driver Lightning Lap.

Even if the answer ends up being simple, it’s always fun to speculate — what do you think of this RC F race car?