Kelley Blue Book Drives the Updated 2017 Lexus IS 200t

Lexus IS Revised 2017

Kelley Blue Book has a first review of the updated 2017 Lexus IS 200t, and as expected with a mid-cycle refresh, there was little change outside of the exterior & interior design tweaks:

First the obvious: the design. Except that it’s more subtle than obvious. The grille is bigger, the headlights are reshaped and now standard LED, and there are big, jowly looking air intakes at the outside of the lower bumper that give the 2017 IS a slight chipmunk-with-full-cheeks appearance from some angles.

You might notice some new icons on the steering wheel though, and that’s because every new 2017 Lexus IS model now comes with the Lexus Safety System+ as standard equipment. That means you won’t pay extra for a pre-collision system, lane departure warning and steering assist, or high-speed active cruise control.

Also included are some detail shots of the revised sports sedan:

Lexus USA has recently posted the 2017 IS option/package configurator on their website -— while it shows no stock for the time being, the new model should be arriving at dealerships shortly.