Lexus LC: First Generation

Design Review: The Lexus LC 500

Lexus LC 500 Design Review

Robert Cumberford of Automobile Magazine has turned his design eye towards the Lexus LC 500:

Honorable exception of the plaster-filled-balloon-shaped SC 400 coupe aside, I’ve found every Lexus apart from the LFA supercar essentially unattractive. There were many awkward, overwrought, and easily forgettable sedans and coupes and a lot of bulky SUVs. But pure quality of manufacture and bland perfection of middle-class, un-sporty road manners made the brand an American best-seller.

With this LC 500, though, Lexus got me. I still see many imperfections and peculiarities, but they don’t matter. I like it.

The Cumberford design reviews have been an institution at Automobile for as long as I can remember, and I find them very enjoyable to read — definitely take the time to read over his point-by-point breakdown of the LC 500 exterior/interior design.