Lexus Moving to Turbo Engines for Next-Generation High Performance Models

Lexus RC F Engine

Lexus will move to turbocharged engines in the next generation of its high-performance F models, according to a Motoring Australia interview with GS F deputy chief engineer Akio Iwasaki:

“We are developing a turbo motor as a replacement for this one,” Iwasaki told at the European launch of the new GS F yesterday.

“We are investigating it still, but it’s definitely going to be turbocharged… The problem is that [at the moment] turbocharged engines do not fit to one of our three brand philosophies, that of the Limitless Power Feeling,” the boffin stated.

“The Ferrari [488] shows that turbocharged engines don’t have to do it the same way to feel like a diesel. We are investigating that side,” the Lexus engineer stated.

While Lexus have made naturally aspirated V8 engines a key attribute with its top-end performance models, there has been difficulty in keeping up with the horsepower of its German competitors and their turbo engines.

Iwasaki did not comment much beyond the confirmation — there’s no indication if the new engine will be a V6 or V8, nor whether it would be a single or twin-turbo setup. Motoring Australia suggests the move to turbo may take up to five years, a reasonable timeframe given the RC F and GS F have just been released.